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Spoiler New premium Feature - FoE Plus!


I found this topic via search function after seeing the carriage in another player's city.
I didn't find an announcement, nor do I have this 'feature' - seems to be available to only a part of the players again.
Who can already access it and tell about the prices?
forge_plus_1.png forge_plus_2.png


I hope we can depend on you posting more pics for us. ;)
Sorry to disappoint you - I have no further info, since that's not my city, I just stumbled upon the carriage when checking the city of a friendship request.
I don't have the slightest signs of Plus in my account ^^

@damianadam2: Sorry again, I don't know anymore, I had to decline the FR due to a full list (and the account was nothing special besides the carriage - no special buildings, default name à la "Foofoo the Barbar 0815").
Hmmm so is there anything interesting in there for the long time players? Among those you usually also find a lot of people that are okay to buy diamonds... so they might be interested in this, but coin boost? 50 goods a week? hm not really game changing... anyway lets see what the details are, maybe the offer is age dependent?!


The funny thing is that as the city develops (after 1-2-3 years) all these bonuses make very little sense. It turns out that developed players are completely unprofitable for INNO. They created a game for long development, in which long development becomes a burden to them


If it costs 2 bucks a month I would call it a rip off.
That stupid stupid 100FP limit should be removed for FREE, not be paid for, pure greed, not that I am surprised, the last 2 settlements have proved greed is good.


250FP might be enought to collect your BG buildings first and then hit the collect all button, but I agree that this would not really be worth it for higher players.

Also keep in mind that those 250FP are the limit until automatic FP production stops (currently 10) so the collect limit might be something different. Could be 2500 now, could be still at 100, we dont know.

Removing the 100 FP limit at all is not a good idea. This would make it too easy for lower players to save up inventory without arc. If they do that they could completely remove FP inventory and just have the FP bar.