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Discussion New Log Cabin or Dark Doorway.


Which of these is it best to have in your city and which is best to be traded at the AD?

Some people are saying that the new stats for the Log Cabin matches it with the Dark Doorway from Halloween Events.
That said yes they both have the same footprint and give 3 Forge Points.
The difference is you get a supply boost with the Log Cabin.
The Dark Doorway has a higher trade in value.

So do we change DD for LC and boost our AD while the going is good or do we stay with all those DDs and hope the LC trade in is increased by a factor of 9 to put it on par with a DD.
Log Cabin: was basically a 3x3 residential building giving coins and a bit of population but got improved during this event with 3 Forge Points and a 10 % Supply Boost. Collection time changed to 24 hrs.

Dark Doorway: 3x3 residential buildings with coins, and a bit of population, and 3 Forge Points (24hrs collection time).

  • The coin production and population of the Dark Doorway is more than double vs the Log Cabin, age per age.
  • The Log Cabin got a 10% Supply boost vs 0% from Dark Doorway.
Coins and population are much easier to get than supplies, then better to have at the city a Log Cabin boosting supply production than a Dark Doorway of the same era just giving a few extra coins and popuklation.
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The AD also has a large gap.

Dark Doorway costs 43,740 coins & 85 Gems to buy, Log Cabin costs 3,240 coins & 2 Gems to buy for now.
Dark Doorway you get 4,050 Coins & 5 to 8 Gems minimum from 2 hour sale, Log Cabin get you 540 coins & 0 to 1 Gem for the same time.
At time of posting
I agree with Darrth especially in the higher ages. I was struggling with my supplies after moving up into SAV with the tree and the map.


Event buildings rarely include supplies in their output these days. So it’s not too far fetched to find yourself running out of supplies over time just from switching out regular buildings with events. That gives supply boosts value as it reduces your need to find supplementary supply sources by boosting what you already have.

Whether this means anything for your city in particular depends on play style and what you value