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New Ideas

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Dear Beta Players

We are happy to introduce a new Ideas Section. If your idea relates to a feature currently in testing, please instead add to the existing Feedback thread on that topic.

Please use the poll for voting for an idea and the comments section for comments or questions or possible additional thoughts. If you have anything to add to the discussion please make it as constructive as possible, particularly if you disagree with an idea, then a comment such as “Stupid idea” does not add to the discussion. Please respect your fellow players and their opinions, even if they differ to your own.

We have also added an additional section, the Unformatted Ideas folder. Ideas that are not formatted will be moved into the unformatted folder. Once the owner of the idea has formatted the idea, it will be moved to the main section of the forum. To edit the idea the owner of the idea thread would need to message one of the Moderating Team to move the idea back to the main section. If the idea is not formatted after a month, it will be moved to the Ideas Archive. Please keep in mind that unformatted ideas will not be considered or forwarded for review, and this includes all ideas which follow the prescribed format but lack a poll.

Lastly, when an idea has been forwarded to the Development Team, the thread will be closed for any discussion, as the idea is out of our hands once it has been forwarded.

Please note a forwarded or popular idea carries no guarantee that it will be incorporated into the game. We are also unable to offer any feedback on why an idea may not be selected for further development.

Please also note that posting an idea on a Beta over another server does not guarantee it will be forwarded or read by the Development Team.

Duplicate postings will be removed.

Looking forward to hearing your new ideas in the format below:

Your Forge of Empires Beta Team
Abuse Prevention
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If you feel an idea is in violation of the DNSL, please use the "Report" function to bring it to the attention of moderators rather than posting about it in that thread. Thank you.


Please note that henceforth you will not be able to reply in any threads belonging to the "Unformatted Ideas", "Do Not Suggest" and "Ideas Archive" subforums. If you feel an idea has been wrongly placed in these sections, please contact a moderator to explain why you think it should be moved back to the main ideas forum.
Not open for further replies.