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New Idea Template

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These formats are guides to how your ideas should be presented. It is also intended to make sure you have thought through your proposal thoroughly. If the idea is unformatted, the thread will be moved to the Unformatted section.

Please also check that your idea is not on the Do Not Suggest List.

You can make minor modifications to this format to suit your proposal but should try to include most if not all of the headings

It is important to present it well and go into detail so that other members of the community can discuss every aspect of the idea.

It is also important that your first post is regularly updated with any changes so that your first post always contains the full, up-to-date idea.

Improvements are simpler but I still ask that you use the format where possible to ensure your post is well presented and follows the correct protocol.

Development Format


In a few sentences, state the general concept of your idea.
Have you checked the Ideas section for the same idea posted by someone else? Is this idea similar to one that has been previously suggested?
You will save yourself a lot of time and avoid the risk of your thread being closed quickly

Explain why you think this is either a necessary or enhancing addition to the game. You should consider the existing game mechanics here and show how this idea improves upon them. Tables comparing costs, times, unit values etc are a helpful addition.

Explain the specifics of your proposal. How will it work?

Visual Aids:
Put any mock-ups here. Those that are large screenshots should be linked, smaller windows can be displayed using the image tags.

*Please do keep in mind that the image rules still apply in the ideas section. If the visual aid is bigger than 640 x 640 pixels, please place the image in a spoiler. Also, no animated images allowed.*

Describe what impact this idea will have on other game features. Will it require adjustments or changes? If so, be specific.

Abuse Prevention:
Does your proposal open up possible exploits or make it possible for players to cheat? If so, then how can this be addressed?


Give a final wrap up and list any questions you think may still need to be answered to improve your idea.

Posting a Poll

Important: The poll must be added with the creation of the first post

Select "More Options" and then "Add a Poll"

Yes, please use the default options for polls, as shown in the image below:

Post a poll.PNG
As you can see, these are:

Maximum Selectable Choices - Single choice - this should be 'Yes' or 'No' with the question worded in such a way that voting 'Yes' means the player supports the idea, and 'No' means they do not support the idea. Here are some suggestions for how to word your question:

  • Do you support this idea?
  • Do you like the idea?
  • Would you like to see my idea implemented?
Of course you can word your question any way you like, but please remember - the only possible answers should be 'Yes' and 'No' and the question needs to be worded in such a way that a 'Yes' vote shows the player supports the idea, and a 'No' vote means they do not support the idea.

Allow voters to change their votes - as your idea evolves, it may be that someone who was previously against the idea may now be in favour, or vice versa. It's therefore important that votes can be amended over time, in order that the vote reflects the current state of the community's support for the idea as it stands.

Allow the results to be viewed without voting - this is absolutely crucial, as if you do not allow the results to be viewed without voting, moderators cannot see the results either! This would mean we would still need to count + and - posts, and that would make your poll pointless!

Important: Please do not check either 'Display votes publicly', or 'Close this poll after:' - polls in the Ideas section need to be of unlimited duration, and we have decided that they should be secret.
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