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Spoiler New GB "Galata"?


interesting way to make plunging none issue - make gb that return 3 times more from what is being plunged
then people will ask hoodies to attack them instead of crying about it
I would say, it is not all about plundering! At the moment attacking a town is much easier then defending it! It would be a nice feature, if we were able to do some real PvP by thoroughly building up a strong city guard, which the opponent has to attack wisely instead of "1+7+Auto". In case of victory plundering should be part of a reward system, because we do have some Voyagers and Atlantis Museums around, in case of a defeat, maybe some kind of penalty, or at least a system reward for the victorius town.
Status Summary of Galata?
  • Image: (see post #1)
  • Size: 3x3
  • Age: No Age
  • Costs: ?
  • Rewards: Plunder Repel: X% chance to repel a plunder X times
  • 2nd Reward: ?
  • Release: Still in the future?
Anything else?


Someone told me the questline is triggered by getting plundered...

I now envision that paperclip popping up: “I see you’ve just been plundered and are wondering what to do...”


It is written: "Blueprints can be obtained via an early game quest line, or for later era players by contribution. "
What does it mean early game quest line? in which era? My friend is in Iron Age but he has not a quest line.