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'New' forum moderator


Hi All,

I'm back here on FoE-beta-forum as Forum Moderator, as some may have noticed :p

My main task will be to keep the forum clean and readable for all forum users... and of course I will need some help from all of you in doing so, since this is a volunteer job and I won't be around 24x7 ;)

• Whenever you feel a post is:
- off-topic;
- needs some 'language-polishing' due to translation or other issues;
- or violates the forum rules in any way:

Please report the post by the report button on the bottom left corner of the post and it will be handled.

• Feel free to contact me by forum PM, whenever you want to discuss something in private.

It is my - and the beta team's - intention to keep the forum accessible to ALL players in a friendly way.
... of course keeping the forum rules in mind.

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P.S. as I get more familiar with the forum, I will edit more :p
Also: for now, in this thread I will make some notes/recommendations on forum use.
(Later on these might be included in the Questions/FAQ section.)


#1 - Pictures are restricted to a maximum size of 600x480 pixels.

Larger images should always be put in spoiler tags!
How to use Spoiler tags for images: ([ spoiler] image goes here [ / spoiler] -- remove the spacing in the code).
Reason for requesting you all to do so:
• the larger the image, the longer it takes to load, especially for those with slower connections.

#2 - Please keep all communications respectful
... this may be hard at times, since on this server we have many different cultures.
• Calling a fellow forum user an idiot, ignorant, arrogant etc. is inappropriate.
- Whenever you disagree with someone, just state 'I disagree with you' - thereafter state your argumentation.
• Using swear words is not allowed, this includes acronyms and abbreviations.
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Sometimes I see very long posts, filling up my screen with a load of text. As a forum moderator I of course read it all. However, I can imagine that many forum users will just skip reading these long posts... therefore to all the 'great' writers on this forum ;) :

Recommendation to make (very) long posts easier to read:

• Divide your text into paragraphs, in other words: insert a blank line every now and then where applicable;
• Don't make very long sentences, use correct interpunction / start a new sentence.

This way even a very long post will get chopped up in easy bites to read :cool:
... and thus it will also get more attention from fellow forum users :)
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