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New CM: Goodbye Darkstar & Welcome Zarok Dai!


Dear Darkstar,
I've learned so much from you - not only about moderating the forum but also in many other areas...
The 'fabulous' Beta Team you presided and put together will miss you dearly!

@ Zarok Dai:
You are a very worthy successor and I do hope that every Beta tester will give you the time needed to get familiar with your new role as CM :)

Within the Beta team, there is no doubt at all on your capabilities, you not only have the right background and the experience, but also you have our well-earned respect!

I for one couldn't wish for a more demanding & deserving boss-lady ;)

Cheers to both Darkstar and Zarok Dai!

Hug, NJ
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Amy Steele

I can second that :cool:

It has been my pleasure and privilege to have worked alongside, or for, Darkstar for some 2 years now, and it has been both a pleasure and a privilege to do so. Zarok Dai I have known since she joined the FoE EN team some years ago now, and I am very much looking forward to continuing to work alongside and for her in her new role here on FoE ZZ. I know how much she cares for this community, and she commands my utmost respect for the work she does here :)


thank you Darkstar for your good work in the last 1-2 years
i'm sure not everything was easy here in the beta forum :)
i wish you good luck for the future

and welcome Zarok Dai


Sorry to see you go Darkstar. Despite my constant complaining lol, you were one of the best CMs and I appreciate the adequate and timed responses. All the best to you.

and welcome Zarok Dai


It's very sad to see you go. Yeah we FoE forum users have been very naughty and are sorry for that. ;)
It was great having you as a CM here and you have been very helpful to everyone in various ways.
Thank you very much and hope you continue having a great time everywhere. :)


I also thank Darkstar for his good work as a CM here in the Beta community! It is a pity that you have to leave Beta, but I hope you will keep reading and talking here in the Forum! I wish you all the best for your further way!

Welcome to Zarok Dai! I wish you all the best - may the players (including me ;) ) not be too nasty - and may the Developers, Game Designers, etc. not keep you too much in the dark when it comes to questions, suggestions and feedback from the community!


Good luck on your new adventures in life Darkstar. You work and help here on beta forum and in tickets support was really amazing and will be a great example for anyone!

And welcome back Zarok! :)


Darkstar, i have had a great time working with and learning from you, you will be missed here. I wish you all the best and joy in your future challenges. Zarok Dai, you have done so much already for the Beta community, i am happy we can welcome you as our new Community Manager.