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Do Not Suggest New building for PvP arena

Shall this be implemented?

  • Yessss

    Votes: 5 45.5%
  • Nooo

    Votes: 6 54.5%

  • Total voters


To add a building to the pvp arena like statue of honor for gbg
To motivate players to play pvp as a lot of people in the forums and global chat are not liking it and have removed their armies from it.
It will be a building which can be created by 15 fragments
Copper league-0 Fragment
Silver league-1 Fragment
Gold league-2 Fragment
Platinum league-3 Fragment
Diamond league-4 Fragment
Crystal league-5 Fragment
It will require the league reward chests to be changed
Abuse Prevention
People may remove their armies and rejoin and do it again and again and gain a lot of fragments, to prevent this fragments will be provided after a whole 1 month season has been completed
To decide what building to make, i would like the moderators/ team or other players to think about the building as im new to the game and i dont know what is a good fps/goods/att/defence bonus per tile
Have you looked to see if this has already been suggested?
No one has suggested this already


DNSL from me as well for the following reasons that isn't worded in the previous post...

Take for an example, you start at the Copper league. If you do not do anything, you will get 0 fragments because you haven't changed a league. Okay, that works for the lazy person. However, what if you're that person who tried as they could and wind up at Silver league, you will have to wait for a while to get that 1 fragment. More or less, you have to wait 15 months until you build that building.

Okay, let's put this in a different perspective. What if you were making it through Crystal league? You still have to wait the time until those 5 fragments are rewarded to you. Then what? You leave and start again. Oh no, you wind up on the bottom of the barrel. I think it's kind of idiotic on why anyone wanted to restart at the bottom when they could hold through the next 2 seasons to get the fragments needed to build the building.

Personally, I have not seen what this supposed building will provide the player other than the fragment costs. However, I do see that others will have a bigger advantage than everyone else since the PVP arena was released with some timing under its belt. Some folks liked it, others still do not (I am caught right in the middle as I sometimes do the PVP Arena, and sometimes I just put it on the shelf). For me, it's that extra battles thing that some quests asked for to be completed when I am done with everything else and I got no attrition left for GBG.

Again, it's the DNSL as I do not see what it will provide or how it could be helpful.