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Do Not Suggest Negotiation boost

Should the boost be infinite or fixed time/tries after collecting/buying it?

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Major Dutch

A new boost that lowers the cost of negotiating: a discount of x% on goods/coins/supplies/medals in all negotiations. For example a 25% discount changes 4 goods into 3 goods, and 60 goods into 45 goods. The actual percentages could be whatever works best. Could work indefinitely or a fixed amount of time/number of tries after collecting/buying the boost.
This boost would make negotiating cheaper and more desirable as an alternative to fighting. I was also thinking about a boost giving an extra turn, but that was already suggested and would probably be too powerful. A whole new boost could also make future new buildings more interesting as everyone is now only looking attacking army boosts.
When you have something giving this boost with x%, all goods (and coins, supplies, medals) required on negotiations would cost x% less. The boost could be infinite or work for a fixed time/number of tries after collecting/buying the boost.
The main benefit would be to balance negotiating wrt fighting. Fighting has a lot of different boosts and thanks to GBG those boosts have become the sole focus of many players. A discount in negotiations would not alter the mechanic like an extra turn, just boost resources in a controlled way.
Abuse Prevention
I can't think of any. If someone has "infinite" goods thanks to CF and RQ, a discount would change nothing for them. Of course the discount can't be too much, maybe at most 50%.
Give a resource boost for negotiators!
-how much discount?
-infinite or limited time/tries?
-obtainable from tavern/buildings/event hub/item?
Have you looked to see if this has already been suggested?
Yes, an extra turn was suggested before but a discount was not.


A discount in negotiations would not alter the mechanic like an extra turn
If a discount isn’t a mechanic change then neither is a extra turn. Both change the corresponding game mechanic with simple addition or subtraction variable (they’re both altering the game conditions though. So they are both changing the mechanic in some way)

As to the boost itself? I see no point in making it a infinite boost if we have siege camps in play. Remove the siege camps altogether and then you’ll have me on board for a negotiating permanent discount boost that’s grown on a individual player city basis

If it‘s not infinite then it wouldn’t be too bad as a potential GB production with limited charges as then it can be balanced and not made too powerful once it reaches the higher end of where it’d reasonably be levelled upto by players
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