Reported to Developers: Message system: "Send" button closes the message window instead of sending reply in some circumstances


I just reproduced this two times (on two attempts):

1.) opened message system
2.) opened our "190% GB chain"
3.) scrolled up and clicked the avatar of a player to open the context menu (wanted to check her GBs, whether I can take a spot in the GB)
4.) accidentally clicked "send message" instead of "view GBs"
5.) clicked somewhere outside the window to close the message window (--> now both, the new message and the 190% GB chain were closed)
6.) opened the 190% GB chain again
7.) entered a reply
8.) clicked the "send" button (and YES, I double-checked before clicking for not accidentally clicking "close")
--> message window closed instead of sending the reply

(I experienced this from time to time since quite a long time, but now finally I know WHY this happens)

1.166.6301bde1b2d (08.11.2019 9:27)


just reproduced it... the important part is closing the "secondary" message window by clicking outside the window and not by pressing "close" (Step 5)


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Thank you. Are you able to confirm if you have any other tabs open at the time and if you have left the pages and come back to it during the game session? Can you recall which action immediately preceded this? Are you opening the message centre from your main city or from GvG or your Cultural Settlement?


huh, that's a lot of questions - I think I can answer a some of them:
* yes, I have multiple browser tabs open; two of them with FoE (.de8 and beta)
* I think in the first successful attampts to reproduce the bug I have switched between the browser tabs quite a few times within a game session before the bug happened. Every time when I reproduced the bug I had opened the message center from the main city
* Now I did

1.) reload (and do nothing else, not even switching browser tabs)
2.) open message center (as I did NOTHING before, I was still in the main city)
3.) opened the "Quasselecke" (chatter corner) group message on page 5 of the message center
4.) clicked on one players avatar and clicked "send message"
5.) closed the new message window by a click somewhere outside
6.) re-opened the "Quasselecke" message
7.) typed "test"
8.) clicked "send" --> message was closed instead of sending the reply

1.) reload AND go to Japanese settlement
then do stops 2 to 8 as before
---> same bug

1.) reload AND go to GvG map (e.g. Future Era)
...then to steps 2 to 8 as above
---> same bug

and d.)
1.) closed ALL browser tabs except Beta server (for points a.) to c.) I had approx. 15 open browser tabs; two of them with FoE)
2.) closed browser (I'm using Google Chrome)
3.) reopened browser (with exactly ONE open tab) and loaded FoE (Beta server)
---> then did steps 2 to 8 as given in a.)
--> same bug

---> seems it doesn't matter whether...
* ... I have one or 20 open browser tabs
* ... I am in main city or Japanese settlement or GvG map
* ... I freshly reload or do many game actions in between.
--> as soon as I do steps 2 to 8 as given in a.), the bug seems to occur for 100% sure, no matter what I did before

Edit2: I just tried on .de8, There I was not able to reproduce the bug.
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