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Feedback Message Center Changes



That does not make sense. Why would we have the possibility to send messages 2 places to the guild ?

To understand correctly, this rights works as intended in the social tab.
But makes no difference at all in the guild tab. ???


you can create messages in the social tab and add all guild members

if you have trouble with someone spamming in guild tab just kick him
That's not the point.

There is a permission created which is specific to sending messages to all members. Now that has been made obsolete.

Second Threads in Guild section is auto subscribed.

Third the sections were probably created to organize messages...By allowing all guild members to create whatever they want defeats the very purpose of guild section. (other than auto subscribed/unsubscribed )

Last but not least Work Around is a Work Around...

With your logic why have GbG permission or trusted rights or any permission at all...lets just keep kicking out ppl and take fulltime job to mange the threads cauze we dont have life.


It must be a bug.

No matter what, we/i cant have all my members being able to send messages to every in the guild.
And not only that, but have that possibility 2 places in the message center now.

Please fix this right to work as intented.


I think this is a view bug:
I opened 9 new messages in guild forum tread.
Tourch Version (Official Build) (32-bit) Windows7


A question, please.
I make an entry in a thread. For the other players appear as not read. They open the message, but do not add nothing to it.
Some time later I edit the message.
The new message will now appear as not read for those players that open the initial post?
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I've absolutely loved the message center revamp. It has made running a guild easier and finding threads is fast now.

You know how people post urls for Youtube, Wiki and other sites to the guild chat for the purpose of sharing info or just for having some social fun. Could it be possible to have these urls as working links? I understand this would pose a problem in global chats but in a guild you just kick the person posting spam or sinister links.
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i don't know if this has been mentioned befor but this is somthing needed in my opinion eaven if other stuff are more urgent to change in msg center :
not realy important just anoying extra clic not needed when in favorite msg's or hiden their should be a tab called ( msg center ) to avoid 1 clic


Personal opinion: it shouldn't be possible to edit / delete messages after other players reply in the same thread.