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Implemented Make Tavern Visits Faster


My suggestion is fairly simple: when first clicking on the tavern button in the friends bar to visit a tavern, don't open the tavern window. Instead, if the user actually earned some, simply display the tavern silver/FP floaties right in the friends bar, like you do with coins and the Aid button. This would speed up tavern visits enormously (at least on the browser, I can't speak to the mobile version).

This would likely have the added benefit of reducing server load, since the server would no longer have to fetch the names and images of everyone sitting around the table.

Of course, there are sometimes good reasons to view the tavern window itself, so that option would be available by clicking the timer version of the tavern chair after the initial visit. Yes, opening the tavern window would then require two clicks instead of one, if you hadn't already visited it, but I think actually wanting to see the tavern is uncommon...you usually just want your goodies! :p

If implemented, this might then facilitate a mass-tavern-visit function, since there would only be floaty text instead of a window that requires opening and closing with each visited player. While a server-side function would be ideal, and undoubtedly much faster overall, it could even be implemented as a client-side "macro" that simply fakes clicking each button and scrolling through the friend list. Rewards would simply float up as the fake clicks occurred.
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Totally agree, this game is being killed off by the constant clicking. I have noticed that players are leaving because they want there life back. What we need is just one button to click to aid/tavern once a day. No doubt inno would like us to use yet more diamonds for that option. I for one have a finger that’s 1inch shorter than when I first started playing.


I agree too.

Each day more and more things are being implemented in the game.

- Events, which were sporadic, became routine. (We are almost always in an event)
- Search in the surroundings of the city for events
- Complete daily challenges
- Make Guild Expedition
- Fight on "ALL AGES" map

So YES. Decrease unnecessary (and boring) clicks and we'll leave more time for real fun


Please please help save our sanity by removing all the rubbish events and constantly clicking,click,click. Or we will see more and more players saying oh s@d it I’m getting my life back by quitting this game which is all about inno insatiable appetite for us to buy diamonds, especially when yesterday in the winter event we could buy a wishing Well for 2,200 diamonds!!!.....


Is there anything more that needs to be done to turn this into a formal proposal, like there is on the US servers, or is having suggested it here sufficient to have it brought to the devs' attention?


I think the same, server overloaded!... and I add that if there was a tab that appeared when there were taverns to visit and indicate the number of them, well much better.

Edit to add image... other option to the same objetive

In the upper right part there is a button with a number inside it, which is the number of taverns that we can visit. If you put zero then you do not have to do unnecessary "clicks", if you put a figure higher than zero then click on that button and there we are charged only the taverns that can be visited by reducing the clicks, the pop-up windows of the buildings below that still remain without repairing after years and years or the cities that we carry simply by mistake.

Save millions of clicks to the server looking for taverns where you can sit down, reduce "undue" interactions by mistake (access to friends' cities by clicking wrongly), happier and less stressed customers, especially when you have to visit 45 taverns of friends.
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Yeah, I've seen that. That would be another great addition!


This is something that would be very nice to have. At least give us the option to turn off the little pop up window since we really don't need to see someone's tavern.