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Level-up lock for Great Buildings

Should a level-up lock feature be added to the game?

  • Yes

    Votes: 2 9.1%
  • No

    Votes: 20 90.9%

  • Total voters
FOE has many sociable features, one being the mutual contribution to Great Buildings between players. It's meant to be rewarding for both the owners (by not having to spend all the FP themselves) and the contributors (by getting rewards). It's also an widely accepted principle, that a producing GB should only be leveled by its owner, so they can benefit from a double collection.
But there are players who frequently level up the GBs of other players, sometimes even when not all reward ranks have been filled yet. This unsociable behavior harms many GB owners and contributors, and we need a reliable way to prevent this.
I propose a feature called GB Level Lock, which gives players more control over the FP contribution in their GBs. If activated, either globally or for selected GBs, a single player can only spend so much in another player's GB, until a certain amount of FP - depending on the number of occupied reward ranks - remains for the level up. After that, they can no longer contribute to this GB, until it is leveled by its owner. This prevents unwanted level ups and ensures, that all ranks in a GB get filled.
There are many players, who snipe the GBs of other players, and we need a way to prevent this.
The new lock feature can be enabled/disabled via a checkbox in the options, which applies to all GBs in a player's city.

If enabled, an additional checkbox (both in the GB window and the GB inventory page) allows individual adjustments for every GB. If disabled, this checkbox would be greyed out.

With the lock feature active, the contributions of a single player to this GB are limited as follows:

- no reward rank occupied (by other players) - until 10 FP remain for level up
- 1 rank occupied - until 8 FP remain
- 2 ranks occupied - until 6 FP remain
- 3 ranks occupied - until 4 FP remain
- 4 ranks occupied - until 2 FP remain
- 5 ranks occupied - until 1 FP remains

This limit will not apply to the owner of a GB. They can spend FPs (and level up) as desired.
Contributing to GBs still works as usual, there shouldn't be any issues.
Abuse Prevention
I have no idea, how this feature could be abused in undesired matters.
A level-up lock option for Great Buildings could solve many issues with snipers, benefitting all players.
Have you looked to see if this has already been suggested?
I couldn't find a similar idea, or an item in the DNSL that excludes such proposals.


There already is a way to lock it: disconnect from road. I wouldn't want to see an additional hard lock added as that would remove part of the challenge of the game / strategy. Not everyone in the game is meant to be your ally and someone who's sniping probably isn't trying to be an ally.

But there are players who frequently level up the GBs of other player
Usually in response to a person plundering them, if the GB is taking forever to level up or if there's already so much in it that there's immediate profit in it being flipped


There’s already a “feature” for this: disconnect the GB from the town hall, and reconnect it only when either you or a friend want to put their fp into it. And yes, this involves sacrificing the GB rewards, but dealing with snipers is part of the strategy of the game, and it’s up to you to find the best solution.

It’s like if you removed plundering from the game, of course being plundered is annoying


no thx
- when not all reward ranks have been filled yet and it's being levelled you are making benefit, so what
- just do your maths
- secure/advertise last spot close before levelling or even after first collection (if double collection is possible)
- don't unlock next level
- teach your friends and guildmates
- don't annoy the hood to an extreme :)

Max Shadow

That's part of the strategy's game to secure, to find the good timing to level up your GM, to not unlock next levels, etc.
oh no
no more Arc leveling up and making directly place 1 with a huge profit up to 200 FP
level 35-65 are the best ;)
can be even more than 200 FP ;)
This game is about strategy and not all social interactions in the game are designed to be "sociable" or for "mutual collaboration".
  • Sniping with preventing a double collection to a GB Owner is a revenge tactic/strategy.
  • Sniping just to secure a top wining position with profit (with or without leveling up the GB) is an investment strategy.