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Forwarded Just little changes to Message Center

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Il Mardok

Little help to avoid leaving a chat by mistake.
1.) Better comunication; when you leave a window pops up asking for confirmation. The window is allways the same, so there's no need for the player to read it, the player what to leave a conversation then click to leave even in case he/she clicked the wrong leave button.
2.) Ability to undo the last leaving operation to correct the error if made.
Sometimes a player leave a chat and need to ask and need to ask an admin to be added again.
1.) Change the Confirmation window; title of confirmation window = title of the chat I'm going to leave.

2.) Add a simple function to the up sx corner menu something like "undo last leaving", with functionality limited to the last operation e the last session with no need to save nothing on dbs or log.
Abuse Prevention
Have you looked to see if this has already been suggested?


hm... I read too quickly...
My suggestion was about preventing the close of a chat window when the the text field is not empty (accidental tab outside the message window).

I do not run too often into the problem, but yes I also accidentally left a group chat unintentionally.