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  • Guild Expedition Level 5!

    You've heard the rumours, you've been waiting for it, and it has arrived! Brace yourself for a challenge that is our brand new level of the Guild Expedition! And it comes with a twist. You will now have to defend outposts from the enemy army and not attack one. Curious to know more? Click below to read everything about GE level 5 in our Forum announcement!

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  • Wildlife Event 2023

    Is there anything better than a cute Panda? Yes, a lot of cute Pandas! Wildlife is now active, find all details here!

Recruiting Join Sunrise Academy!

Join Sunrise Academy!
Sunrise Academy is open to all active and ambitious players.
Thanks to the experience gathered on other worlds, mutual help and activity, we managed to reach TOP 100 and Diamond League in just a few weeks.
However, we do not stop at these levels!

The requirements are as follows:
- being active,
- participation in GE - minimum 1 level and GbG - minimum 50 fights/negotiations combined,
- taking care of the development of your city, and helping to develop the cities of other members.
- Having or willingness to quickly build guild buildings.

We also fight on GvG - not required, but welcome for building the position of the guild.

If you are already a more advanced player, you are welcome to join the guild to build it with us and enjoy the satisfaction of creating a new power in the Beta World.

We are a guild of active and ambitious players, some of us have experience from other worlds, so if you are a beginner and don't know how to develop your city, and going GE level 1 and 50 fights/negotiations on GbG is too difficult for you, by showing activity and striving to improve your performance, you can be sure that you will get help.
We teach you how to play FoE and develop your city, we help you get plans and build GB thanks to shared 1.9 threads, plus we have an interesting and very helpful Arc development system.

Princess Arana & Battle Tomcat.
HR: Princess Arana, Battle Tomcat