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Discussion Is "Jupiter Moon" going to be the final age of Forge of Empires?

What would the future bring to FoE if there are no more new ages?
Another recent discussion explored this. The OP proposed that the game continued with only events and no more new eras.
If no more new ages then the future would be....
  • Recurring Quests over, over and over again perpetually after reaching the end of the Research Tree?
  • Just events to bring something else to do?
  • A new cultural settlement every two years? Which new mechanic to make them still interesting or just be a repetition of the Vikings or Egypt under a different landscape?
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All they need do is expand the map, create a feature where we turn the water areas into land areas to create expansions
this can incorporate a slight resizing or movement of the hubs to where we have the settlement ge ports etc they have already shown the ability to move buildings around outside the city without effecting the game and the size of the hub is irrelevant as we just open it to use the feature.
This will now leave all the water area to the left and bottom of the city free to be cultivated into expansions
so fiding those expansion areas is not hard

aquila scutum

How about passing through a worm hole which will help you travel in the past and start again from stone age. It will be nice if this server should be only one for an entire continent, not in every country. I would like to play this game with foreign people from Europe.


I think after space age Neptun they will send us back to the stone age but will name it dystopian future so its a fancy new age ;)