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Is innogames developing a new game?


I would like to play a new game based on space for example, (conquer and manage planets and instead of eras something like new alien races to share technology) or instead of space based on a cyberpunk future. there are some games (rts and rpg and mmorpg where you play in the space or in a cyberpunk future) that have interesting features that could be part of a new game.

I don't know if innogames has plans to make a new game but if no, what type of game you would like to play?


Dunno, but is Elvenar actually a thing? Looks exactly like FoE, but with elves.


Elvenar is as time consuming as FoE, I gave it up 4 or 5 years ago since I do have a job, family, friends - in short a life. My family gives me hell enough because of FoE LOL