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Idea for know how many forge points do i have


I made a imagen for explain this, but basically is a viewer for know how many forge points I produce in my town. It is just an idea but it make our lives easier. Thank you for read. It isn't a boost is just a viewer of forge points
Sometimes I want to know how many points do i have, and if I have a lot builds I can't.
Add an item in town hall in boost overview
I don't think so, just add a new item
Abuse Prevention
No, it is just esthetic
what is the correct form to explain the item, and with repeat builds or probability builds
Have you looked to see if this has already been suggested?


Viewer to display how many FPs your city can potentially produce if:
  • Buildings are motivated at the time of collection,
  • All FP producing buildings are collected on time, that is not victims of plundering.
  • To consider special production buildings that produce FPs only if the production for 8 or 24 hours is selected? Examples: Sunken Treasure, Sleigh Builder, others.