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How To Ensure Your Online Safety


Community Manager

Dear Kings and Queens,

Your online safety is important. To help you remain safe out there, we have provided some guidelines that we would encourage you follow. These guidelines, should act as a first (and best defense) in most situations, and allow you to enjoy everything Forge has to offer!

Account and Password Security

With account details, the best defense is really the simplest. While we have Guild members and friend's that we think have our best interests at heart, often they do not. The single biggest cause of account loss are players sharing their account details with others. For that reason, we would recommend you keep your account details private.

Notably, our terms and conditions are pretty strict on this as well. We would encourage our players to avoid divulging account details at all costs, as this could be considered a breach of our terms and conditions and lead to suspension.

Finally, with password security, we would always recommend you practice the general principles: change your password frequently, use uppercase and lowercase letters, use symbols and letters, avoid personal information, or re-using other passwords that are already in use.

Revealing Personal Information

One of the great experiences about Forge of Empires, is that it is a social game. We can connect with different people, chat with them, and share in the joy that the game has to offer!

While we very much want you to enjoy this experience to its fullest, we would also urge some degree of caution. Remember that not everyone is always who they seem online, and for that reason, we would encourage that you to avoid sharing sensitive personal information.

Indeed, we would certainly avoid providing details like name, birthdate, address, or any other personal sensitive information.

We would also recommend that you be extremely wary of anyone who is asking for that information. If you feel at all uncomfortable and believe someone is threatening your safety, please report it.

Your online safety is paramount to us, and our support staff will not hesitate to step in and take action in situations we believe that is being compromised.

Avoid Use Of Third-Party Software

Currently, there are many third-party resources that are available to players. However, these are not produced by InnoGames, and we do not recommend their use.

One of the main reasons for this, is that use of third-party software has proven to cause login issues, as well as technical issues. Forge of Empires is a game ongoing in development, and we develop based on the conditions of normal players that use the first-hand services we provide. This can mean, if you have third-party software installed, that you may encounter technical complications a player without these will not.

Additionally, and most notably, use of third-party software could be considered a breach of our terms and conditions. We reserve the right to suspend any account that we detect using this software.

Certainly, if you would like to avoid potentially being banned — or encountering technical complications that could hamper your experience — we would avoid installing any third-party Forge of Empires software.

For any further questions, or if you would like to report something further, we would encourage you please reach out to support.

Thank you for playing Forge of Empires, and stay safe out there!


Your Forge of Empires Team.
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