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Halloween Contest Conclusion

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Retired Community Manager


With the deadline for the last entries passing last night, we have now determined the winners for the fourth and final challenge. You can find the results below, including the solutions and nicknames of the winners.

And with that, the Halloween Contest has been concluded!

And as we're sure you're all curious to see if your given answers were correct, we will also share the correct answers for each of the challenges now:

Challenge one
  • Challenge Solution
  • Provolix (600 Diamonds)
  • fimfim (500 Diamonds)
  • PtG76 (700 Diamonds)
  • talamanta (600 Diamonds)
  • Callisto 659 la Cruelle (600 Diamonds)

Challenge two
  • Challenge Solution
    • Rytil (100 Forge Points)
    • MasterMans (100 Forge Points)
    • Raistlin Majere (100 Forge Points)
    • doom11(100 Forge Points)
    • FiletMignon (100 Forge Points)

Challenge three
Building names:
  1. Haunted House
  2. Notre Dame
  3. Dark Doorway
  4. Cathedral of Aachen
  5. Mad Scientist's Lab
  6. Black Tower
  7. Abandoned Asylum
  8. Scarecrow
  9. Château Frontenac
  10. Haunted Tower
  11. Jack O'Lantern Chapel
  12. Necropolis
  • canelle51 (9 Blueprints)
  • Barbarine (9 Blueprints)
  • Nisse-X (9 Blueprints)
  • Cleitomachus (9 Blueprints)
  • beta2219 (9 Blueprints)

Challenge four

Grand prize winners
  • 1st.place - blancotest
    • The Abandoned Asylum's up-kit; Rogue Hideout + Shrink kit; 200 diamonds

  • 2nd.place - master be
    • Rogue Hideout + Shrink kit; 200 diamonds

  • 3rd.place - Jirka 27a
    • Rogue Hideout; 200 diamonds

Thanks to everyone who participated! We hope you've had as much fun searching for the answers as we did preparing the contest for everyone!

We will certainly be hosting more contests in the future, so please tell us what would you like to see in the next special contest!

Kind regards,
Your Forge of Empires team.
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