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Feedback Halloween 2020

I have one house of horrors at max, I can build a second one level 6, and I have a second asylum, with one complete set of toys and no diamond. A good event, and a very great one if you're lucky.


and? i found 57 toys, and stil had to pay diamonds, i also got all 8 toys
but i did not find a 100 ticket incident (155 in total)
even if you found 500+ tickets you would not have that many upgrades


Granted that I had gotten more than enough upgrades for one building, I still didn't get all the toys to unlock that one special reward. Could be the same if I had spent diamonds. I sit at 50/50 in wanting to try this on live.


I found twice time 100 tickets and a total of +300 from incidents
I didn't got all the 8 toys(it remained the Betty toy) but I found 33 toys
I just taked the basic building of the HoH +3 upgrades
and? i found 57 toys, and stil had to pay diamonds, i also got all 8 toys
but i did not find a 100 ticket incident (155 in total)
even if you found 500+ tickets you would not have that many upgrades
I thought maybe you didn't get as many toys as I. Well, you did, so I probably used my tools in a different way than you and had more luck. I just know I have a wolf house in my city and 5 upgrades and the level 1 building in my inventory without spending any diamond. It's the truth, whether you believe it or not.


Meiner Meinung nach, das beste Halloween Event bisher.
Nur das schönste Gebäude, das mit dem Clown hat die schlechtesten Werte.
Aber auch das ist Geschmacksache.
Mir hat es sehr viel Spaß gemacht.
Ich freue mich schon darauf es noch einmal zu spielen.
Danke Inno


Ich habe ohne Diamanten, 2 Sätze Spielzeug, 1 komplettes Clown Haus und einen zweiten Satz mit Stufe 5.
Leider fehlte noch was für ein zweites Haus. Das hätte ich gerne gehabt.


I was a wee bit disappointed because there were no Rogue Hideouts in this event. Also, The goods requirements to complete quests was, for me (I’m in the Colonial Age), too high and too many. Solving all the goods requirements, including simple or moderate negotiations, depleted my city of goods I had saved up to build Great Buildings. For the players who are still in the lower ages, it would help them if the amount of goods required to negotiate wasn’t so high.

I liked when there was an alternative to complete the negotiation quests, like quests to defeat an army, win some battles without losing or collect tavern silver.

All in all, I was able to get all the upgrades to build the House of Horrors. The animations in the House of the Wolf make me laugh. I appreciate all the work the graphic artists and game devs put into this game. They are so creative. Thank you.


Did anyone else feel there wasn't that many Toys? I did only miss it by one, dam Betty Lou, lol. But the Bears I got an average of 6 each, while the 4 harder/rare toys were Rare in deed, only got 1 of each and missing Betty. Portraits, were scarce too, I think I only got 1.


I did not get all the toys (same as the last year). And, comparing with the last year, I think that it is more difficult to get the specials of the day. The lack of luck does not explain everything.

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Worst event till now ...

I will not spend 5k diamonds just for 3 puppets, it is just unfair how others had the chance without spending diamonds to get the last prize, And I getting nothing on all events same to this, Archaelology, never happened to find last 2 or 3 books, statues and now puppets/toys ...

Back to 2013-14, events were great compared to those are now ...
That wolf house is the single good thing in this event, nothing else ...
My feedback.
In general I liked the event, and especially the special building.
I have been left with two updates for the second, but I would have to spend more than 3,500 diamonds, they seem like a lot to me. The Annabella doll did not come out.

The only thing I did not like is that, I think I have only got 4 daily awards. It seems very little to me.