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Feedback Halloween 2020


It looks like the new base for level 1 is to late to appear, if it does. I've gotten a full upgraded HoH. I got an upgrade in stock. The next offer is an upgrade. Where is the second base?


It looks like the new base for level 1 is to late to appear, if it does. I've gotten a full upgraded HoH. I got an upgrade in stock. The next offer is an upgrade. Where is the second base?
It is currently 13th Reward like last years Level 1 Event Building.
Two Levels less but Grand Prize order seems to be the same as last year!


From the moment you want to install a second special building, what is the point of having the base before improvements?
It will take both anyway.


Normally during an Event the Level 1/Base of the Event Building is offered in the Grand prizes list after you can complete a fully upgraded version with those offered in the Milestones and the previous Grand Prizes. The Grand Prizes will then offer the same number of Upgrades as are in the milestones after offering a New Level 1/Base Event Building before repeating itself.
This year we ave a 7 Level Event Building.
There are 3 upgrades in the milestones.
So you would have expected to see the other 3 Upgrades to be offered then a New Level 1/Base Event Building before 3 more upgrades. then the Grade Prizes to repeat.
So if Odds were Event Buildings and Evens other offerings, you would expect 14 Grand Prizes minimum, though in the past closer to 21 with 2 other offerings being offered between Event Building Parts.
This years offering is based on last years 9 Level Event Building, so it is out of phase offering 6 upgrades before offering a New Level 1/Base Event Building then 2 more upgrades afterwards.


  • Happy that the main prize is a smallish building, and not part of the event building inflation: thank you Inno!
  • I like the mechanic of this event. The new looks of it are okay, I'm not a fan but it is a matter of taste, thus not important
  • The luck-factor in getting all the toys (books for previous Halloween, tablets for Archeology version) for the set remains a major negative for this mechanic
  • A mechanic to swap toys of which you have multiple for ones oif which you have none would address this (has been suggested for previous editions, so I don't expect it to change
Apologies if I have already posted something similar.


Grand prize is pretty cool, like that. I am just surprised why is it giving population. That reminds me Abandoned Asylum, which was also giving population initially on Beta and removed later, which completely broke my town there :)
For me it makes no sense, who would live in House of Horrors or House of Daemons? It should give 1 population... The negative satisfaction if OK
Agreed. Inno has gotten off-track like that with event buildings multiple times. The game mechanic apparently means that you cannot have a building that gives a once-per-day harvest without it being either random (like wishing well) or without population (residence). That is the only explanation I can think of why they would put population on buldings that clearly are not habitable, like the Asylum, the World's Fair and the Kolossus (a freaking statue! Where would you even live!)
at the time they created the quests they didn't know they would deactivate the PVP arena :D

btw: you still have neighborhood battles, world map, gvg and at least the SAAB players: quest battles
Did PVP count for battles for quests?

I am 100% that the devs know what they're doing. EVERY SINGLE EVENT (99% of 'em) has a quest to beat level 1 in ge that starts the day GE starts. You forget that germans are sadists.

Edit: I checked, no gvg for my age for my guild, did some neighbor battles but I havent actually battled any of my neighbors in years of playing the game so it never crossed my mind as an option.
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I was one of the, apparently, many to spend diamonds to get the September cottage. It didn't happen. Please consider giving us (here, or in life) 3 opportunities to get it.


Love the color scheme & graphics this year.
Overall your Halloween event buildings are my favorites, which makes it difficult to remove them when they become obsolete.


Charlatans, demanding battles for todays quest but both GE and GBG are down.
This Event started on a Wednesday here, on Live Servers it will most likely start on a Tuesday, Which means here we have to wait on GE starting later in the day and on Live Servers you need to make such you have left some GE encounters to do just after midnight and before GE concludes on Monday morning.


Only won 1 daily special during the whole event, the chance is much lower than previous events, not sure it was purely bad luck, or some other adjustment?

Event build is very good, compact size with FPs and attack boost.

The Lady Ann

without too much effort and no diamonds spent I have a fully upgraded wolf house and enough bits to build a lvl 5 if I wanted,

maybe just luck and I did some of the toys for the extra tickets but I am still missing 2 of the toys for the complete set

plus I also got enough bits to build a second asylum so all in all a great event for me