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Investigating: GvG Siege arrow always active


The specific error described below results in the possibility of continuous sieges in any sector that does not have a shield or borders our sector that does not have a shield.

We enter an area where siege can be imposed, then we enter another area where no siege can be imposed. For a few centimeters of a second the siege arrow is active, so we can press it and the siege panel appears. This is the case in all sectors, even if freedom has recently been granted. In case that freedom has been granted, we can place the siege normally, regardless of whether a gray placement arrow appears behind it.

This error is due to the fact that, the initial state of all sectors is active (orange arrow) and after a status check, it changes to gray or remains orange.

The solution is simple ... In all areas the initial condition should be with a gray arrow and after a check it should change to orange or remain gray.

Example ... See the photos bellow... In the red circle are the selected sectors. In the game, as you can see, they appear with an orange hexagon...
Browser or operating system and version number
All browsers
All Windows versions
Recreation steps
As described above
All times
Extremely urgent
Can this be reproduced?
Every time in all servers



You are 15 days later at the party :)) You said 1 week before that you send a feedback on beta server... Hmm what a liar


Beta Moderator
We are aware of the issue, please if you want to report any bug, make it through Support.

Just a reminder of the game rules which stand for all players and all kinds of bugs:
Each player is required to report serious errors immediately to the Forge of Empires Team. A player is not allowed to knowingly take advantage of bugs.
If you notice that a player is abusing a bug in the game you must report him.


You may think that I am late for the party, but, I want to remind you that the party was organized in August 2019, when I first wrote about this particular bug.

And, you may be awared about this bug, but, you do not know that due to this particular bug and by adjusting the internet speed, there is a constant siege arrow in all areas. Because of this, you can continuously press the arrow, pay and place and the synchronization message, until the siege is placed successfully.

The solution is simple ... In all areas the initial condition should be with a gray arrow and after a check it should change to orange or remain gray.


Beta Moderator
Thank you for the feedback. We collate all feedback and suggestions received, and we will ensure that it is passed on.

Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that this will be adopted into the game, but could impact future features and events.