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Reported to Developers: Guild battlegrounds: poor performance on mobile app & old PCs on massive attacks

  • Browser and Version: All web versions & mobile app are affected.
  • Overview of the bug: When a lot of people are performing an attack (on a single sector or multiple sectors, doesn't matter) all of the devices gets a lot of data by WebSocket that leads to a poor performance. Only very fast PCs can handle such amount of WS-events without any side effects. All other users can make much less battles/negotiations during that "DDoS" attack because UI drastically slows down. Under words "a lot" I actually mean 10-20-30-40 people online who can take a sector within a minute or less. Right now we have a lot of such battles on RU14 and we are loosing most of them because of this "bug".
  • Screenshots: not applicable
  • How often this occurs: not applicable
  • Urgency: not sure
  • Preventative Actions: Buy a TOP-PC for gaming but you should understand that game should be available for all persons, even with a cheap mobile phone.
  • Summary: For developers: a simple solution will be using a kind of "buffer" and server can send the data via WS not one-by-one but in a "package". I hope it's not that hard. Thank you.
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We experience it Hungary Dinegu on a server. Thank you very much that wrote the problem down!
We experience it Hungary Dinegu on a server. Thank you very much that wrote the problem down!
Thank you for your reponse. I started to think that nobody cares :D
I asked our guild members to participate but no one done it yet. But almost everybody suffering... :(


are you using flash or html ?
INNO has stoped updating flash i think , so if your using flash might be part of problem ,
Buy a TOP-PC for gaming
i experienced massive lag when i was on flash on my very old pc and it was eaven worst on html i had to by a more recent pc , you don't actualy need to buy a top pc of the year to get html to work if that's your problem i baught a used recycled pc recent enough to read html and it did the job pc guy wanted to sell me somthing newer for 2 X the price i asked him if he had somthing closer to my price range that was still recent enough to read html and he said give me a minute i'll check he found me somthing more in my price range got home tryed html and it was faster then on flash on my very old pc
Can you confirm if it's also happening in Beta or it's a general issue?
Unfortunately no. I don't play on Beta.
And as I said, the problem happens when "a lot" amount of players perform an attack. I doubt that this can be reproduced on Beta. That can be done only on the real servers when several strong guilds fights against each other. I think developers team can emulate a massive battle in the test environment and ensure that this performance issue exists. So I suppose it's a general issue.

are you using flash or html ?
INNO has stoped updating flash i think , so if your using flash might be part of problem ,
I suppose version doesn't matter. I heard about this problem from players on mobile App, both versions for Android and Apple. I can take their devices names if you need.

As for my PC, I'm using HTML5 version on Ubuntu Linux 18.04. When I had bad experience with "stampede" attacks my old PC was Core 2 Duo + NVIDIA GeForce 210 and it don't have any problems with FoE anywhere except stampede GBG battles. All the animations goes smoothly in other parts of the game and Guild Battlegrounds in "normal" mode also works perfectly.

When I upgraded my PC to Core i7 + NVIDIA GTX760 it is obvious that everything runs smoothly in such extremely fast attacks. But It's not a solution to everybody. I can't tell to all my guild members to throw away their iPads, iPhones and all other mobile phones on Android and by a new PC just to be fast on GBG :confused:
We made a poll half year ago and 80% of the people are playing from their mobile devices.
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Intel Core i5-7300HQ, 16Gb, html5. I had same problems with negotiations (GBG, 3 guilds wants to take provins per minute)
The same issue also occurs (on pc's of course) when playing GvG against a guild that has more than 10 players fighting on the same sector at the same time :p
Today I had UI lags on my PC (Core i7 + 16GB RAM + NVIDIA GTX760 4GB) when 3 guilds was performing a speed attack on a province. I think about 70 people from 3 guilds was on that attack and the sector was taken in less than 30 seconds. Guild #1 made 160 progess points, Guild #2 made 140 and Guild #3 made 130. So it was 14-15 events on a single sector per second.
So even a pretty good PCs may suffer the issue. You got to do something please o_O
Hello everyone! It seems that FoE had an update at the last Wednesday which affects GBG and it seems that something was changed!

I can see that animations are no longer being updated on every WS event.
But we are on the field with "snail" guilds right now and I can't check if performance issue was resolved or not :-(
I'll tell for sure only when next GBG will start and we'll be placed on the same field with speedy guilds.
I can confirm same issue from Czech live worlds... on beta we did not get to fast fight with another guild so cant really say, but on live it is sometimes unplayable... after battle you wait like 5 secs just to see result of your fight... flags are not updating properly... it is not good...


Browser and Version: Chrome Version 89.0.4389.90 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Screenshots: Guild B , Expedition
How often this occurs: Manual battle, Guild B , Expedition
Urgency: CRitical
W- Beta- Dunarsund