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Forwarded Group Set Items in Inventory

Is this an acceptable idea?

  • Yes

    Votes: 10 90.9%
  • No

    Votes: 1 9.1%

  • Total voters
All set items are tagged with the set name to easily group all items in a set together with the search function.
With events increasing the amount of items released in a set, the inventory is growing into a literal nightmare to be able to find the items in that set to place them in the city. Many of the items in the set do not have the same words in their name which leads to problems finding items. The 2017 winter event with the winter village has the most buildings out of any set and zero way to view them all:

Toymaker's Booth
Moose Meadow
Sugar Baker's Booth
Smörgåsbord Feast
Candlemaker's Tent
Tinkerer's Tent
Straw Star Tent
Madame Fortuna's Tent

Why would you even want to find set buildings though? Because there are opportunities from the antique dealers and the daily quest to get these individual buildings to complete the set, and unless you have memorized every building name and know which one you're missing, you're outta luck. There are currently 45 buildings for sets, not including selection kits.
Inno should add the name of the set in the name of the item or as a tag that can be searched. ex "Cherry" for the cherry garden set, or "Indian"/"Palace" for the Indian palace set.
This should not affect the actual game play in any way.
Abuse Prevention
This should not affect the actual game play in any way.
If Inno wants to keep giving us a million new items with every new event, we need better inventory management tools to be able to sort through the chaff. This is a simple solution to a problem which will only get worse with time.
Have you looked to see if this has already been suggested?
Visual Aids


There was an idea suggesting to include the set name as an option to the search, It depends if Inno can or would modify the search function to look into more than one field, for example the Building Name and in the Set Name (if applicable). I agree that the change will be helpful and not bring any balance or abuse issues. Just makes faster to find an inventory item to build or to sell at Auction Dealer.

Edit: Found it: https://forum.beta.forgeofempires.c...ory-search-to-use-set-names.10213/#post-78985
Previous idea did not have much debate. This one is more detailed and wthl full format areas replied including attachments. Lets discuss it properly, shall we?
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