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Implemented Give motivation kit the option to polish


Motivation kit at its current state is almost useless as it can't be used on finished production. I understand that this behavior will not change, so therefore I'm suggesting to make it more useful and add polish to it.

Like @Zarok Dai mentioned - might as well be renamed to Aid kit.

We won't die if a building or 2 are not motivated, but if people are not enthusiastic, that affects ALL our productions and battle points. Although some people's cities might always be happy, this change wouldn't hurt them, so I hope everyone would welcome this proposal.

Instead of begging for polish in guild thread or just desperately waiting for aid, we could use this Aid kit ourselves.
In our guild we have constantly people who are out of happiness, so I believe that would be a very welcomed change for most players.


Would certainly be more useful although I doubt that they will change the Mass Motivation Kit to a Mass Aid Kit.

I'm curious, WHY can't the motivation kits be used on finished production? Finished production can be motivated the normal way and by Aid.


I agree - much more useful that way... but please keep in mind that you can also use the old tavern to make your folks smile before you go out and hit the hoodies or collect your produce :)
The shortest period you can do is 4 h - so if you time it right it shouldn't get too badly in the way of other tavern boosts you may use.