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Forge Plus autocollect and 10+ FP bar



yesterday I found Forge Plus enabled.

Two observations:
- Using autocollect button and restart for 8 hours, browser got stuck and I had to reload game. After restart my goods building did not get started, I had to do that manually.
- fp bar still stuck at 10 event though 250 is enabled
Browser or operating system and version number
Windows 10, Chrome 88.0.4324.150
Recreation steps
Will try both actions again
When performing the autocollect button
Can this be reproduced?
Will try both actions again


Sorry, wrong subforum, it is the browser, not the app.
Tried autocollect again, now for 4 hours, same apply, no goods production started, but no hang.


Not used to the autocollect feature, it states : starting production buildings' -> Goods buildings are not in scope so that issue has resolved.
Waiting now for FP bar to validate if it goes above 10 or not.

I think Forge Plus has been offered to new players who shown enough playing activity, but not sure though.


OK, case closed.

FP bar states: auto fill still till 10, only limit of 100 is increased to 250. SO neither of my reported issues are an issue. Great score ;-)