Forge Bowl 2019 - Closing Thoughts

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    Jul 4, 2014
    Greetings Beta,

    As always, thanks again for all your feedback about the Forge Bowl event here on Beta. During the event's Beta phase we made a few adjustments to the Forge Bowl balancing based on your feedback, and we're also making some further adjustments to the balancing in the days between when the event ended here on Beta, and the start of the event on the live servers.

    That's not done specifically to disadvantage players here on Beta - sometimes things take a few balancing passes before we're satisfied with it, and especially the end of the event is a good moment to get final thoughts and results. This is part of the purpose we want Beta to serve, so that we can have as good an event as possible on for the event launch on the live servers!

    The balancing passes were a bit more controversial this time.
    For example, we saw disappointment at the end of the event when players weren't able to place in Bronze league to secure another Colossus upgrade despite their best efforts and expectations. There was also the confusion with the different league ranges (Bronze being the top 25% after the event ended, instead of the usual top 20% while the event was active), which was part of the changes we're making to the balancing for the event launch to the live servers.

    So, we thought it would be a good idea to give you an update on our last batch of changes - the changes that will be in place for the event launch on the live servers:
    • Amateur League: Added Colossus Upgrade Kit, Removed One-Up Kit
    • Bronze-Gold League: Removed One-Up Kit, added Renovation Kit
    • Extended Bronze League to be top 25% (from 20%) (as previously mentioned here)

    The changes to the event this time were a bit more drastic and confusing, and you had a few negative surprises. To thank you for the feedback and your help with making the adjustments, we will credit all players on Beta with 2 Colossus Upgrade Kits beginning of next week!

    If anyone has any final feedback please post it here.

    Keep up the great work Beta!

    Your Forge of Empires Team - Team Beta