Forge Bowl 2019 - Bronze League Change

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    Jul 4, 2014
    Greetings Beta,

    As some of you may have already noticed in the system generated league reward message in the game, with today's daily update the Bronze League was changed from the top 20% of players to the top 25%, based on your feedback.
    Now, let me try to explain how this affects the event, and all of us here on Beta.
    This change was done based on your recent feedback, and it will affect the event when it is released to the live servers. However, as the change was done after the event ended here on Beta, it will not change the leagues you were already rewarded for.
    This means that some of you that finished in the top of the amateur league, and were rewarded for it, may now see in the system league reward message that you are now suddenly in the bronze league. Mathematically this is correct based on the change, but it does not mean you were in the Bronze League when the event ended here. It is only reflecting the change that will go to the live servers.
    To simplify, if you were rewarded for the Amateur League when the event ended here on Beta, and now you see you are in the Bronze League in the system message, it is not a bug, it does not mean you received the wrong reward, and it does not mean you will now also be receiving the Bronze League reward.
    We apologize for any confusion, and thank you for all of your feedback,

    Your Forge of Empires Team - Team Beta