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Spoiler FoE Plus


I think in another topic, I saw that it's a monthly cost, and that there are multiple packages of differently composed features.

Not sure it will be that final duration, not sure it won't.

I did play that mental game on this feature concept a long time ago. I asked myself what I would spend on a VIP pass for some thing that are agravating in the game, that I would "pay" to remove. Yeah, we can make a simple list such as:

1) Aid all
2) SORT unaided members to the top, so you don't have scroll and study 40 pages to get every last one
3) larger FP well
4) Collect 1 time, and INCLUDE the BG collection first in that collection with prioritized buildings for that


If the package was right, I have no problem buying relief of these somewhat archaic items in the game that don't fit my lifestyle 10 years after they were designed into FoE. That was then, and people put up with it. People now are not going to do that to the same degree to play. Time is more valuable.

So - just for round numbers, I said I could "gift" myself a 1 year subscription to some type of FoE VIP package of things like I mentioned, and a few more that might make it easier.

I said to myself - 100 US dollars/year. I don't mind supporting a good company and fellow software engineers.

I was way off I guess, if they are thinking about charging 50/month. .....WAY off.


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on the French server, the offer is offered to me for 50€ and 30€ for a member of my guild.


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The subscription to Playstation Plus is:
- €60 for 12 months (i.e. €5 per month)
- €25 for 3 months (i.e. €8.33 per month)
- 9 € per month

And all this to access dozens of complete games (3 more per month of subscription)!!!

So 50 € per month for FOE Plus for some features (which do not revolutionize anything) to a free game ???
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Dutch server €30. I wonder why they're asking €20 more from players in the Spanish and French server compared to players playing on the Dutch server. To the best of my knowledge €1 in Germany/Netherlands is as valuable as €1 in other EU countries. Maybe I'm missing something though.