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Implemented Easier spending FP's on researching technologies

I'm surprised nobody is (recently at least) mentioning this, but spending FP on techs is getting more awkward by the higher ages. In the upcoming Mars age, the first tech is already 350 FP! And yet, we still only have available what's currently on the FP bar, and next we have to buy with coins or diamonds if we wish to increase the tech higher. If we want to use our FP from inventory, we have to go back to the city, open inventory, add 100 FP (which is the max right now), close inventory, open tech screen and continue. This is a LOT of extra work... especially compared to GB's, where we can just continue clicking until we deem we have enough FP spent on it.

Why not add the latter to techs as well? I'm sure it's not a big investment for inno to do this, and with the coming Mars age it will make a lot of people (like me) happy that they don't have to click that much :)


On the French server, we have already brought this suggestion, reported to the developers. Remains to be expected if he will accept it :)