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Do Not Suggest List (DNSL)

Not open for further replies.


Welcome to the Do Not Suggest Section.

This section is a work in progress. The items here are drawn from a global list of what not to suggest, that every server may put on their forums. We are not responsible for, nor can we speak to why one server may not have the same list, however, these have all been contributed by other servers as well.

What Not To Suggest?

Please note that any other ideas along the same lines will also be moved to this forum, and not forwarded, so it's in your own best interest not to suggest any ideas similar to these. However, the threads pertaining to these ideas will be kept open in an attempt to foster healthy discussion and debate.

In particular, please do not suggest the following ideas, as they will not be implemented:

  • Suggestions for new Great Buildings.

  • Ideas to make yourself richer or make the game easier. The game is meant to be played over time and have a element of strategy.

  • Better units to fight against other units (i.e. no monster/super units that can sweep all others). New units’ ideas must be balanced with existing ones.

  • Better trade ratios (things are supposed to be limited so there is no account feeding).

  • Trading of items other than Goods (this is simply too open to abuse, and is potentially a breach of our game rules).

  • Rotating buildings to fit in a different shaped space (placing your buildings in optimum positions is part of the game).

  • Easier access to Diamonds. Diamonds are rare for a reason.

  • Gifting diamonds, buildings, inventory items. The developers are aware that players would like something for this.

  • Expansions as rewards. The game is meant to be played with the space available, it is part of the challenge to decide what to put and keep in your city.

  • New buildings or items. Buildings and items are decided upon according to a feature, event, era and need to ensure they are balanced within the game.

  • Extreme changes (new battle system, ...)

  • New worlds with other game conditions (double speed, no PvP, etc...)

  • Removal of features. (such as opting out of PvP)

  • Changes to Great Building Bonuses. if there is an issue with a GB that needs balancing this should be discussed in a feedback section rather than as a new idea.

  • Bringing GvG to mobile. The developers have stated this will not happen.

  • Changes/Additions to GvG.

  • Changes to existing rewards.
Note: These are things that InnoGames are not looking for currently. That doesn't mean such things will not be added at some point, ( they may end up adding strong units or events/buildings that provide easier access to Diamonds for example,) but they don't need any more of such things suggested to them at this time. Please also note that does not mean that we will not revisit these ideas going forward, just that they won't be forwarded at this time.

Please also use the search bar, to search for an idea that may have already been posted before you post (please do not suggest any of these ideas again) if you find one that matches your idea please add your support to it instead.
Not open for further replies.