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Diamonds for a negotiation.


I just got a 'Very Complex Negotiation' on the Daily Challenge, fair enough, but to have to pay 80 diamonds on the first attempt is ludicrous. The prize at the end? 10 fp or a bit of a cherry blossom set. NO THANK YOU !


I also was caught off guard by that once - on my main world I have goods gallore and when I started my second world I ran into GE Negotiations as usual, but then I wondered where some of my Diamonds (not many) went to in the last negotiation of GE3.

I do not know anymore, if I was just too quick with selecting the goods to notice any indication that diamonds would have to be paid or if these notifications where just too subtle. But yeah, I did not have enough goods at the time...


I have hundreds of the goods needed. The 80 diamonds were needed to place the goods and was shown on the first screen where you normally pay the goods after you select the ones you want to place.


If you have the goods then send a ticket into support so they can verify. It's not meant to require diamonds except for what you don't have. And given tech tree charges 10 diamonds from modern era onwards, that would indicate 7 goods being bought here