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Feedback Daily Changelog w/c 7th June


Community Manager
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Several new buildings have been added to the Antique's Dealer:
  • Auction:
    • Hanami Bridge selection kit
    • Airship selection kit
    • Globe Fountain building
    • Hippodrome Carceres selection kit
    • Hippodrome Sphendone selection kit
    • All 3 chain track buildings
    • Governors Villa selection kit
    • Sentinel Outpost building and upgrade kit
    • Tactician Tower building and upgrade kit
  • Shop
    • Winter Train selection kit
    • All 3 Chain Wagon building
    • Olympic Treasury selection kit
    • Celtic Forest (all buidlings and their upgrade kits)
    • Sentinel Outpost building and upgrade kit
    • Tacticians Tower building and upgrade kit
Very nice, but please announce the removal of some of the huge amount of GARBAGE that appears in the dealer, which only works to decrease the probability of something really interesting to come up. Adding more stuff without removing anything just makes it harder to find something useful.


I'm not going to teach you your job, but do you sort through the items that aren't selling to remove them from the stall?
It is a shame to have put in place the antique dealer which makes it possible to improve our cities but to drown it with products that no one buys.
In addition, many of us must accumulate coins and gems that can never be used.
Finally, the more we accumulate, the more we limit the chance for small accounts to obtain an interesting item at auction.

It annoys me that you haven't learned the lesson from GvG. You often put in place new things that you don't rework until too late (at best). Instead of providing fun, you only induce weariness through your inertia and lack of communication.

The antiquarian has relieved the servers and our inventories, but no questioning in more than a year.
GvG causes frustration on the part of phone gamers, giving PC gamers an edge, without any reaction from you.
The GbG have finally seen a minimal modification but no improvement of the fund since its establishment despite the dozens of suggestions raised among all the communities.
The arena would have fun but you killed it in the bud by integrating bots instead of only (except for Venus) players drawn at random whatever their defense, based on their age and not on their results.
The Hub which offers 5-day bonuses instead of retaining players with smaller but permanent bonuses, like emissaries.

When will you show us respect by really communicating and not letting our favorite game die?


That's good! But there are more Quests impossible to fullfill without Guild/Tavern/Antiques Dealer which are unlocked after Events

# 12. Spend goods to Guild
# 14. Activate 2 Boosts
# 24. Fight in Gex OR spend Tavern Silver
# 33. Success in Gex OR activate Boosts in Tavern
# 34. spend Tavern Silver