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Feedback Daily Changelog w/c 20th November


I don't think that any dev just randomly disables something at 5 AM in the morning :p
No, but an automatic mode for shuffling autoboots might exist. It deactivates for a few minutes at a time supposedly little used by real players.


Don't like the new ordering of units.. It might make sense to some, but if you run a mixed unit army, the units are constantly switching positions, and it takes longer to figure out if you need to change units, or want to continue with a couple of damaged ones.. Please consider either reverting this change, or giving us a sorting option box.. thks
I totally agree!! The checker boarding of units as they degrade/adding units is not as orderly as before. Takes longer to reload and adds frustration...Yeah, I know that some really like this new change and that's fine...I, and also many, don't. It would be useful to have a preference, at least, to use the new sorting or not. This will reduce the annoyance factor for a vast number of us. Please, don't implement it on the live servers, we are doing just fine, thank you very much!


Let's see how the ordering will be in the live markets, as the information given in the official announcement does not seem correct to me... we really don't see what the overall health of the army is like.


this is not a good change on troops yes for the ones in inventory but not the ones in battle
lost a lot today because of them moveing all over the place .the ones in battle need to stay still so we know were they at an change them when they need to be changed .dont have time to bounce all over the the units to change them
im on browser it bad


My guess is that the order of troops is defined by one function applied everywhere troops appear in the game.

I would really appreciate an exception for the active army window as those troops to jump around all over the place.
This might not be an issue if you use only one type of units but it is highly confusing when using multiple types of troops.