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Feedback Daily Changelog w/c 13th June


Community Manager
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Owl II

  • We have decided to remove the Military Buildings from the Daily Challenge rewards. This is because of a balancing issue, that is caused by it. You can keep the buildings you won until now, but will not be able to win more from now onwards.
I talked about it as soon as I saw the barracks in rewards. No one blinked about it. You even proudly announced how cool it is to have barracks in the DC. What has changed now?


Sorry to see the military buildings go away. It was kind of fun trying to get one that I had not yet researched on the tech tree.


To those that got the Winner's Plaza Lv 2 as a "gift" in the second day of the Event, I salute you.

I'm just waiting for the Stage of Ages myself.
  • In the Fellowship Event, one daily special was the Winner's Plaza Level 2. This was not intended and has been replaced by the Winner's Plaza Selection Kit.
Today I clicked to change the prize of the day and I was given Winner's Plaza Level 2.