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Feedback Daily Changelog w/c 01st August


Any one else is getting this via the "aid all"? Something new, Inno? I just aided my guild mates before the double gold popped up.
And this happened the moment I sent this post (editing to include this shot as well) while doing the neighbors.


hello, sorry if this problem has already been written about, but after the latest updates, some commercial buildings in the city are not displayed for me



Community Manager
Are you using Firefox and have already tried clearing your Cache? This should fix your issue.


I see you can only open multiple Buccaneer's Bounty chests up until you go above 100 FPs. I guess it makes sense, but it still makes opening a lot really slow, which I assume was the idea behind allowing multiple to be opened at the same time.

I think allowing this one feature to break the max 100 FPs rule would be better. Now that you can add custom amounts to GBs I don't see how this is such a big deal. A full year's worth of bounties is only 3k FPs, which isn't really that much. Many players regularly get more than 1k FPs from collection and/or GBG, so I don't see how a one-off, big boost of FPs in your bar is such a big deal. You would still have to spend them before you can collect more FP buildings, so I don't see the big difference between spending 3k from FP packs and this one-off 3k from FP bar.

Herr Voxner

Late response... not sure it's been officially reported, but consider breaking a part the forge plus package into "a la carte" options. Most don't want to pay ~$30 a month for it all, but if you offered 2.99 per bonus and folks can select what they want... you might have more luck.