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Feedback Cultural Settlements - Ancient Egypt


Finished up the 2nd run with more than 6 days left. Didn't rush it at all. Most days did two battles. Just used the light troops and the camel troops.


The 20th quest showing how many debens and each type of goods & quantities is a helpful addition.
Listing the four types of goods & quantities needed in the final quests of the other settlements simplify those, when developers have time to update them.


and done... It's nice to have one forge point extra from the town hall in such a low level I am on this server :D


No, this settlement can ONLY be finished with at least two fights per day. The fights win you loot, loot is needed for your goods production, and you need the goods to unlock advanceents.
Unfortunately, that's what I thought. Oh well, I guess I'm skipping this event. I want to be one of the top 100 or top 250 to have only 1 battle won to my name. One can be benevolent as well as a pacifist and still be on top
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no it is not possible to be pacifist and in the top ranking

on beta top 250 have all at least 8600 battles
It's possible - just highly unlikely since doing some amount of fighting is easy points being left on the table. You need to make and consume a massive amount of goods to make up for not fighting. GBG does allow the large consumption side of it to be more than just pissing it away into a guild treasury - so if you don't mind an excess of negotiations you could get pretty high in the rankings. This just leaves being one of the biggest goods magnates on the server to have the goods to spend :)

1 million points is:
27k Mars goods
51k TE goods (included for comparison since TE is the last age where it's "easy" to go infinite on quests)

If we say a "top" non-fighting player needs to gain at least 100 million points a year from goods (GBs will contribute some as well as they would to any top player), then they need to make (and use) 7500 mars goods a day or 14000 TE goods a day.

In the TE case, assuming a level 142 Chateau (enough to do quests forever - produces 46 goods 5/14 of the time), this means 854 quests a day or about 4 hours of questing a day. I wouldn't want to do it, but it could be done.

The Mars case 1080 a day can be made from colony (12 goods buildings producing 30 goods on 8 hour cycles 3 times a day), so you just have to come up with ~6400 more. With the same chateau as the TE case that'd be ~400 quests a day or about 2 hours - but you'd have to rest more heavily on the donate FP quest, the 1hr production in a rocket testing site quest, and the (any) 24 hr production quest. When you add in other sources of goods (like event buildings and doing something with the unrefined goods from great buildings), mars quest count probably becomes quite viable.
I finished my first complete run-through:

1) I love to plan my city wisely and that way I must only delete 3 a 5 times 1 or 2 road tiles (no more than that!) and my maximum road tiles I had at the end (bought 16 expansions) were 25, no more than that. I had at the end over 60K Deben !!
2) I could go through this run without too much destroying buildings to make place and only mostly build and re-build cult. goods buildings, depending what I needed most for the next advancement.
3) I still had some troubles to see some differences because of being a bit color-blind : road tiles and the numbers of needed good in the advancement tree are hard to see for me !
4) The long building and especially "training time" of some units make it hard to get enough loot. Especially if you've still to "learn" how to do the battles in a better way to loose lesser units ! If you loose to many units in the beginning you've to wait a long time.. That way it play not "smooth", sadly point.
5) I love the battles and sometimes I found a hard battles more doable than a normal (depends the units I had to face!)... I'm still learning ...
6) Fast units I find not that good. Very weak defense, even if they stay in Forest and get attacked by Artillery or Ranged they were fast killed, despite of having an attack + defense bonus against those 2 kind !
7) I find the impediments and the 6 removals you get doing the questline all fine. And since expanision are not that expensive I bought 4 exp. with each kind of good and had enough place to arrange my city in a relaxing way !
8) The visuals are beautiful ! I always give every house a road. On the long run this give a lot extra Deben !
9) At the end I had 6 days left, so I decided to go 2 days further on to buy up to 15 expansions, just to see all the numbers of the 16 exp "cost" for each good ...
I had 1 Procession, 1 Piramid, 3 Luxery Estates and some smaller houses for some extra population and incoming Deben to gather 30K Deben and I got the 30K Deben BEFORE I got all my good gathered ! Just with 4 hour/8 hour production times. At the end I had 3 Artillery unit barracks, 3 Light unit barracks, 1 Ranged unit, 1 Fast and 1 Heavy. All 5 slots opened on all those barracks and still plenty of Deben left!
10) I can say that I'm a player who like to re-arrange my settlement (or main city). Reconstruction Mode for a settlement ? : I will NOT use it if they implement it.
11) This is the most fun & challenging settlement to play, so I like to see more of such if you plan to bring out more. So with battles or with the choice to fight or negotiate ...
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I have to say I like the new settlement but the impediments are just killing it... Way too much ! I think I won't be doing this one on live server because of this awful feature.


This one is a bit easier because you can always make the same area with no rocks in it and do a bit of min maxing in the expansions that you dont clear. Ilke you can always have a 4x3 expansion area cleared and some bits and bobs in a corner, that makes it suuuuper easy to plan out your city, and always have the same layout for the same problem in all settlements :D


I finished the second settlement in a little over 12 days.
So, far I'm liking the mechanics of the settlement.
I only needed to do the first 2 fights and had plenty of loot for manufacturing the goods needed.
The only thing I would suggest a change would be to have less impediments, or more pick axes as I did spend some diamonds to remove 3 impediments.

Out of the 3 settlements, I'm liking this one the best so far. Thank you.


First Complete Run finished!
yesterday late in the evening and started again today in the morning. A few days left.
So :
Love this settlement. Balance seems ok but the last Quest seems a litte too much. 10 000 Deben and 10 or 20 of each good seems to be enough...
I am no fighter - but if you try and get a little familiar with the units and their bonus, you can manage it.
Beware of the auto-fight modus ! It does not work here.

This time I will try out the hints the other posted in this thread. - Thank you all!
Challenge accepted ;) to be a little faster this time.
We will see.

The Babelus

Version 1.174 has been successfully deployed on live servers, however seems like Egypt did not arrived yet :)
Are we waiting for later enablement? Or are waiting for mobile version (Friday/Saturday)?