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Do Not Suggest Consumable Item to exchange inventory item

Is it a good idea?

  • It is good and should be implemented

  • Not a good suggestion

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I suggest a consumable item which allows us to exchange items with other player
It can be named as exchange kit
It will be a good feature as some people need some event building upgrade, so they can exchange it for another item in their inventory
It can be received as a daily special/ grand prize
It can be used as:-
For eg- I have a level 8 suishun mill and need 1 upgrade. I can trade my another event building upgrade one of this item and ask another guildmate/neighbor/friend to give you the upgrade. In this way both people item will be consumed and both will receive their desired item,
We can do also do like I offer a self aid kit and the other player offers a suishun mil upgrade, and i provide him/her some fps on his/her great building.
It can be used like- we will click on use button under the item in the inventory(like under renovation kit, supply/coin mass rush) and then a new pop window will arrive like trade offer create page . there we can add suishun mill upgrade in need and add aid kit/any other thing in offer.
Abuse Prevention
people will try to get a max level building which will not be fair. so to prevent this. it will only allow consumable items, upgrades ,selection kits and base level buildings
We can also post it in thread, private messages by using the post option and then trade offer
These offers can also be viewed in market->trades at the very end pages (so not to disturb the normal trades)
Have you looked to see if this has already been suggested?
It hasnt been already mentioned in any thread


Abuse Preventionpeople will try to get a max level building which will not be fair. so to prevent this. it will only allow consumable items, upgrades ,selection kits and base level buildings
Between the shenanigans between players and the sales against FP, the abuses have not finished destroying the game!


Reason: not important enough.
Details: not well thought out.
Balance: isn't verified.
Abuse prevention: to prevent abuse, devs should never implement this.
Summary: absolute crap.


I agree with aim, this would be impossible to prevent abuse once implemented. Likely why the Antiques Dealer is set up so you have set prices on everything (with the Auction of course having a minimum price)
FOE set up events, players play them thoroughly and get the upgrades needed to build the Special Event Building up to the highest level, effort and luck involved, sometime diamonds too.

However, if only partially played, or in a case of real bad luck, the player end up with not enough upgrades to meet that goal. Current solution wait until next year event to get more upgrades, or wait until the building is old enough to get upgrades from the Auction Dealer. Again, effort required or accumulate Auction coins / Gems to pay for the upgrade.

If the idea would be implemented, getting the upgrades will require just easy to get items from GE or from quests to be traded for highly valued and rare Event Buildings Upgrades. That falls in the definition of "making the game easy" (DNSL) and abuse.

In one world I have near 250 Self Motivation Kits... Imagine how many Fire Pagodas, Colossus, Suishun Mills, etc I could get with that. Fair?


What Not To Suggest?

  • Trading of items other than Goods (this is simply too open to abuse, and is potentially a breach of our game rules).