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Unformatted Idea Changing a maxed level event building

Retired Guy

Has there ever been a discussion about using an upgrade kit to change a max level event building from 1 option to another?
As your city evolves, your needs change, and we should be able to reconfigure an event building to a different final option.
You could apply a upgrade\selection kit to a max level event building, and choose a different final option
Most events are pretty tight now, in that there's not extra selection kits unless you use diamonds. The only other way of getting an additional kit would be thru the Antiques Dealer at a later point in time.
Abuse Prevention
It would be okay to only allow 1, maybe two reconfigurations in the life of the building.
Allow the use of a selection kit\upgrade to reconfigure the final option for a maxed event building.
Have you looked to see if this has already been suggested?
Did not find a duplicate


Been suggested (at least informally) before. No idea if developers have ever hard-noped it.

You can understand how they'd like you to go get another whole building though if your city's needs have changed as that requires more investment from you.