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Challenge: City without Event Buildings

Super Catanian

Over at the US Forums, a player posted a thread wondering what kind of personal player challenges exist out there. I've decided to use this thread to keep track of my personal progress regarding the challenge, since I'll be using my city here to try it out. Don't know if this should stay in the Dunarsund subforum or if it should be moved somewhere meant for player discussion.

My personal challege: No Event Buildings.*

Events are such a huge part of the game. Any advanced player has loads of Event Buildings in their cities. So I wonder how far I could progress if I built a city the way that it's "meant to be", without the unrealistic interference of Event Buildings.

I'll still participate on Events that come up, but I won't place any of their Buildings in my city. They will go to the Antiques Dealer so I can purchase other items that might be useful to my city.

Buildings like the Statue of Honor, Buildings from Cultural Settlements, and ones from the Guild Expedition will still be allowed, since they're technically not Event Buildings. However, they will have a few restrictions regarding their placement.

*I'll make an exception to this rule. Read more about it in the Forge Hall section of the US Forums.

Super Catanian

I was AFK from Beta for a long time, and although my city was founded on the same day I joined the Forums here, it's been in the Iron Age for a long time now. But that's about to change. Currently, my city is looking quite consistent with the similar architecture of all the Buildings.

I've over 1.000 Population, Enthusiastic, of course. Only recently got the Cottages, so I built 6 of them. Three Goat Farms are producing the Supplies for my city, and an Ebony Woodworks (boosted) along with a Limestone Mason (not yet boosted) provide some Goods. 4 Triumphal Arches and a Tavern, along with some miscellaneous Decorations and the Paths I've built keep my city happy. I've five Military Buildings (a Soldier Barracks is among them), and I am in preparation to replace the Bronze Age ones with their Iron Age counterparts. As part of the Challenge, I won't be building Rogue Hideouts nor Champion's Retreats.

Another part of the challenge is that I won't delete any Great Buildings. Realistically, who would get rid of historical landmarks?

Sniped a Statue of Zeus and got 30 FP back with less than 20 spent, so all of that went to research. Currently halfway through the Tech Tree.

I wonder how far I'll get...

Super Catanian

Five Triumphal Arches and a Tavern, along with a level 2 Oracle and the BA Paths (Decos as well, of course) keep my city Enthusiastic. 12 Cottages and 16 Tile Roof Houses provide enough Population for my city. I'm still running Ebony, and now I have an unboosted Iron Foundry. That Slinger Range was finally replaced with an Archery Range (I've trained 4 Archers from it now), making two IA Military Buildings.

Recently unlocked the Butcher and replaced a Goat Farm with 2 of them. Perhaps tomorrow, I'll build another one. That will leave me with 3 each of Goat Farms and Butchers to provide me with needed Supplies.

I currently plan to camp in the IA for a while to participate in the Guild Expedition as well as GBG. Apart from the Oracle, I've no GBs, so I really need to shift my attention there. Soon I shall get that Statue of Zeus...

Super Catanian

I'm close to having all Iron Age Buildings. Just need to get rid of the Tavern (with a Public Bath, because yes) and the Warrior Barracks with the Legionnaire Barracks. I have a Vineyard (boosted) to have enough to get that last one. Once I do, I'll camp for a bit to get my Statue of Zeus and LoA.

I had a Daily Challenge that I completed; it was the Champion's Chest. I was hoping to at least get a bunch of Champions for my defending army, since there was only a 5% chance of getting the Champions' Retreat (can't build it, since that violates the challenge, unless I decide to make an exception). So anyways, I completed the Daily Challenge and collected my reward, again, hoping for many unattached Champions. Just my luck. Got the Retreat (reminder, only a 5% chance of getting), which is exactly what I didn't want! "Bullsh*t," I thought to myself.

Enjoying greatly, anyways.

Super Catanian

Except for the ageless Oracle, all my Buildings (including all the roads) are of the Iron Age. Two Public Baths, 3 Triumphal Arches, and miscellaneous Decorations keep my over 2.000 people Enthusiastic.

Need only one more BP for the Statue of Zeus. Currently also working on an Egyptian Settlement, since at this age, and really all ages, unattached Units are a must. I've unlocked all the IA techs, and have all 5 different Military Buildings of the age. I have the Ebony Woodworks and a Limestone Mason (both boosted), and an unboosted Iron Works (I built it for the Quest and decided to keep it).

3 Goat Farms and 3 Butchers, along with the Oracle, provide me with enough Supplies. Recently got my first Recurring Quest asking for Meat Skewers, so that's fun as well. As part of the challenge, I won't be aborting any Quests. I plan to get more expansions to plant more Production Buildings so as to get even more Supplies.

Need two more DCs in order to get the Challenger's Chest. I hope I get FP. Also I conquered all IA (and obviously all BA) Provinces in the C-Map, so that's nice as well. I'll definitely be camping a lot during this age, and will certainly become mighty. Still greatly enjoying this challenge; playing the game as it's meant to be played.


It's all about the...


Super Catanian

Got the Challenger's Chest. This time it was a Renovation Kit, which isn't too bad, since I'll be getting some Special Buildings in my city (perhaps the Statue of Honor and Buildings from Cultural Settlements). The actual Daily Challenge had the Shrines, and I was lucky to get the 10 FP.

Currently working on the Oracle, which is at level 3 right now. Saw a self-contributor in their ToB in the Guild I'm in, so I'll be netting 30 FP for a lesser investment, plus the needed BPs for it. Don't snipe plz!

Decided to get an unboosted Weaving Mill as well. 111 spare Population (nice) in my city. Already conquered the first EMA Province, but without a Statue of Zeus, or even the Yggdrasil, I won't be able to fight there for long while still using IA Units (took a heavy loss yesterday; had to surrender).

Still enjoying, I guess, but it's been distracting me from my main cities. My Guildies must surely miss me, but I'm too lazy to check. Maybe later today?


Um, context, please?
Nothing, I'm not a critic or anything. I just thought it was funny ... you totally focus on evolving, it takes years to reach a "good" level in the game. Now without doing any of that I think it would be about 20 years playing. kkkk

And here I am after 7 years of playing ... already thinking about stop playing. lol Only that I found funny. kk


Nothing, I'm not a critic or anything. I just thought it was funny ... you totally focus on evolving, it takes years to reach a "good" level in the game. Now without doing any of that I think it would be about 20 years playing. kkkk
Yeah, i think for a challenge like this you’d want to snipe as often as possible to increase your income.