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Spoiler Castle System


Did you know, when it comes to emojis, they made a vanilla ice cream one, and then decided to make a chocolate one, unfortunately, people mistook the chocolate one for something else.

This is something else, just look at all those WORTHLESS rewards, SoK SoA SoI, self-aid, mass self-aid, coin boost, fragments, confectionary, 1ups is about the only worthwhile thing, and they are not hard to come by either.
You can trade much of the other stuff to the AD and get some other stuff you want more. Not a perfect solution, but you can't just expect to get amazing rewards from everything.
For devs: don't do this. Don't assign obsolete buildings and unnecessary boosts as a reward in the new gameplay. You'll bury it without even finishing it. You have already had experience with the PVP arena. You make the same thing again.
I agree, I hope they do more with this new system, I don't know what obsession they have with these businesses that already exist in other places like events and GE, and antiques center, please put in this new system interesting ups, as events that have passed and the ups that do not come often as a house of horrors, racetrack, square of winners, and put a special edd for this modality that makes it worthwhile, very disappointing to put a new gameplay that does not add anything, if it is so don't waste time and focus on making new eras and settlements faster, much better. Putting the edd ups of the settlements would be worthwhile adding this new gameplay, don't waste time on things that we don't use often.


You can trade much of the other stuff to the AD and get some other stuff you want more. Not a perfect solution, but you can't just expect to get amazing rewards from everything.
There is a difference between amazing rewards and worthless rewards, no one expects a free max level crows nest, or abandon asylum, or 1k diamonds, but come on this is a joke.

What here is anyone supposed to be excited about, except for the new building, every single thing is easy as pie to get, if you really want any of these things, dailies, events, AD, and some from GE/GBG or the flying island can give you all those things now, so why would anyone who is not a new player want to do this thing for stuff that is dime a dozen.
I think they just want to change the interface: less buttons and more buildings. They've already given us a building for the GE and a building for the events.


Could these portraits perhaps be connected to the Castle system somehow? Either by just getting released/unlocked together with the castle or as some sort of prize inside the castle? I guess so because of the royal family, the jester and then what appears to be some guards and other members of the court.
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The 5th and 6th make me think the new India settlement.
If they have a plan of introducing portraits connected to settlements I would say that the first 4 probably should be for something else than the castle as well. Because they usually release portraits connected to the same thing in groups. In that case exclusive to FoE+ is the only thing which come to my mind considering what else is in the spoiler thread.

To make it a bit clearer this is portraits 422-432.
433 is still a placeholder.
And portraits 434-436 are those I posted in the Wildlife thread.
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