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Blue Prints through Aiding


I am new to Beta but have been on live for over a year now. Sorry for this silly question, as I have seen the ones asking for the decrease, but can someone please explain why it is so hard to get BP through Aiding and tavern visits? I am doing this daily plus guild hopping, and still doing good IF I get one BP a day. I get more FP a day than that. This is making getting the needed prints for Babel, LoA, and Zeus extremely hard to next to impossible.

(Current Age is IA)

Thanks for your help.


You don't get any BP from Tavern sitting. However, in my experience, I get one BP for every 200 or so aids. Just keep trying and eventually, you'll have more BP than ever.


You can obtain a random BP through aiding. You can aid a friend while he/she is sitting in your Tavern, or if he/she is sitting at a Tavern of a friend of yours. It is you aiding the friend what may trigger the BP, not the Tavern visit.


Okay thanks guys. Will keep aiding and hope things pick up.

(And oh, had an idoit moment when I asked why not through visits. I know you don't get BP that way only silver and FP.)


Found out it is just better off to throw a FP on someones GB to get a print. In most cases, I then get not only the print but also a FP pack and medals back.


Also go through Guild Expedition at least at the start of the week before you leave the guild. You can get BPs, FPs, units etc from completing GE encounters

On their own any one method won't get you many BPs (except the arc and/or high lvl'd GBs from the arc) but when you combine multiple methods you'll end up swimming in them