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Beware of "Inactivity"

Cat TB

I participated in the last PvP week. Then I get the message saying I did not earn any rewards due to "Inactivity". Since I clearly fought battles, I figured it was a bug. The reply from Inno was: "The PVP Arena requires a certain amount of battles every week to be considered as active. Unfortunately we cannot share how much battles this are exactly."

Since the definition of inactivity is "the state of doing nothing", and I sure did more than nothing, I found Inno's response to be both unacceptable and extremely troubling. The rules should be clear. Players should know what exactly what's required to win a prize. This unclear reference to "activity" is also in the wording about the new Castle being rolled out. So be careful. Inno thinks this is all fine and dandy...


Inactivity in arena was known to be an arbitrary threshold of some sort - same as inactivity in GBG (though we know the threshold there is 40 progress/week). The basic premise is not "do more than nothing" but "do an amount that would be considered normal for someone who cared at least a little". While I've gotten dinged repeatedly for inactivity in arena as someone who doesn't care, the threshold isn't that high (probably somewhere around 10-20 fights a week).


If everything comes with an Owner's Manual on how something is done, the game would have been a better place. I hardly bother with the PVE Arena (I get bots so it's anything other than PVP). It's only quest fodder for when I need to get those fights/destruction of units in that I could not do with neighbors or GE so I could care less if I get rewarded or not for activity in this category.

Cat TB

The point is that it's unethical to have a system where it's not crystal clear how prizes are to be achieved. People could be wasting resources. Between GBG, GE, special events, PVP, etc this game requires a lot more time than it used to. At a minimum the rules should be clear so people don't waste their time.