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Spoiler Archeology Event 2021



Ferris Wheel, 10 levels with two options on the highest level
Lvl 1​
Lvl 2​
Lvl 3​
Lvl 4​
Lvl 5​
Lvl 6​
Lvl 7​
Lvl 8​
Lvl 9​
Lvl 10 - "Great Ferris Wheel"​
Lvl 10 - "Wonder Ferris Wheel"​

There are some new portraits. Guess they all should be intended for Archeology since two of them have the typical a bit historical explorer look and two of them look themed with the calendar feature with all the gems and such.

What will be the building's bonus?


We will find that out when the Event is announced.
Any comments in spoilers is normally a wish list.


It's 6x4 judging by the construction graphics (the order is swapped in the code for all buildings for some reason):

b.spriteSheets.h.idle = "R_SS_MultiAge_ArcheologyBonus21jGreat";
b.spriteSheets.h.placeholder = "T_SS_MiddleAge_4x6";
b.spriteSheets.h.construction = "C_SS_MiddleAge_4x6";
b.spriteSheets.h.anim = "R_ANIM_MultiAge_ArcheologyBonus21jGreat";


Not sure if they're new or not, but there are some explanation texts for the calendar:

ARCH21|Click to open this Slot now and claim your reward!

ARCH21|Find a Gem in the sand today or use Gem Shards to open this slot now!

ARCH21|Use Gem Shards to open this Slot you missed.

ARCH21|Wait for new slots to unlock each day of the Archeology Event!

ARCH21|You already have enough Gem Shards. Use them to open missed Slots.

ARCH21|Find Gem Shards in the Sand or buy the missing ones to open missed Slots.
This seems very much like it's a return of the 2020 Winter Event calendar, especially considering this:

ARCH21|You haven't found today's Gem for this slot yet. Get the %d missing %s to open this slot now?
ARCH21|You haven't found today's Gem for this slot yet. Use your Gem Shards to open this slot now?

WIN20|You haven't found the key for this door yet. Get the %d missing %s to open this door now?
WIN20|You haven't found the key for today's door yet. Use your Lock Picks to open this door?
The functions to create the Archeology event texts are even called "_createConfirmationNoLockpicks" and "_createConfirmationWithLockpicks", same as for the Winter event.
If it's a repeat of the winter calendar, I guess the rewards are pretty crappy as well, and not worth the diamonds needed to find shards or buy gems. :rolleyes:


Anyone post stats of Wheels in different ages?

For HMA are: Wonder (20%DEFinATT) and Great (16% ATTonATT)
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