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Feedback Archaeology 2020

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I guess I must be unlucky too. Have played everyday, maxed out my quests, left no stone un-turned and yet have never found the rectangular silver tablet. I've never had the issue in past runs of this event. Been watching McMillionaire and now extremely suspicious. Uncle Jerry are you there?


Wen we run out of tools (at least 1 is zero), and we decided to by only that tool, we sped the scrolls needed and the tools stay zero. You have to exit the event and beck in to see what you got.


my question is why you aren't complete the other clay tables available??With that you've loses 880 scrools
If i wanted to play a game where i have to do the same over and over again, i would rather play diablo :p

By the way - i like event buildings providing guild goods. Finally an option to get more guild goods in lower ages.


The main building is fine for lower age players but not for me. But that is the way it should be.
My issue with the event is that I seemed to get a crazy low success rate for the daily prize. Bad luck maybe, but it would be my worst luck in years of doing events.


New Airship stats, 9FP, 20 goods, 20 guild goods. Not sure if it had happiness before but it definitely does now. Worth building for most imo
I am happy with changes to airship. Globe fountain is still crap (as everything that is boosting defense army). My biggest dissapointment with this event is that they refuse to put sentinel outpost and its upgrade as daily price. All previous events had it and now it was missing (but hell yeah, of course useless tacticians tower and its upgrade was there). Finally event where you could get more than a few of those, but I guess that was intentional. They are scared that people would boost defense of attacking army way too high. Huge dissapointment. :mad:

Still one of the best events though.


Good to see happiness from airship :) Other changes are nice too
It's definitely worth building now
So nice that you added 1FP for level 11
I think posts like these are completely disingenuous. Whoever doesn't place such a building either belongs to the 0.0001% or is bad at math.
As long as you have any non-event building in your city this building is such an upgrade in comparison. this is a strictly better building than dark doorways, ships or anything the like
0.42 fp/tile and 1.19 goods/tile. There are better buildings than that.
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