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Ancient Egypt Spot the Difference

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Greetings Beta!

Spot the 5 differences and post your answers below.

The winning 2 entries randomly selected will each win 200 goods from your Era. (Excluding Special Goods)

The contest closes 8th March at server time 9pm

Egypt Changed-min.png
1) the boat at the bottom-left is not present in the top pic
2) the hippo at the bottom-center (a bit to the right of it) has opened its mouth in the bottom pic
3) an ibis is present near the pyramid in the bottom pic, and not on the top onre
4) at the bottom-middle of the city i see an impediment in the top pic, which is removed at the bottom pic. this is to the left of the big house there
5) to the right of that same house, two camels are present in the bottom pic. i don't see them in the top pic :)


1- hippo with mouth open in 2nd image

2-boat(south west corner in 2nd image), its absent from 1st image.
3- bird flying next to pyramid in 2nd image, absent from 1st image.

4- two camels walking in 2nd image, absent in 1st.

5- "gate" present in 1st image, absent in 2nd one.


1. An Hippo has the mouth opened
2. There is a flying bird near pyramid
3. There are people with camels on central road
4. There is a boat on the river (down left)
5. A construction has been removed in the south of the city


The differences are:
1. A boat in the lower left corner of the second image
2. A white bird flying toward the top of the pyramid
3. A missing impediment at the left of the place of prayer
4. Camels walking on the street next to the place of prayer
5. A lonely hippo in the center of the water has the mouth open
Not open for further replies.