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Ancient Egypt - 1CCX


This is my guide

1)build 6 simple clay hut,2 barracks of nubbian archery range(but before build the training camp as required by task and sell after) and 1 grain farm.

When the grain farm has complete,put a 4 hours production and wait;when you have collected,take an expansion with barley,build an another grain farm and 2 simple clay hut;builded the 2nd grain farm

Completed that,you need the diplomacy required to unlock the divine statue and the pottery...for this,sell 1 grain farm and unlocked the pottery(first you finished the task to have 2 divine to receive 25 barley).

After a 4 hour pottery production you can gain x3 expansion and the 2nd time an another to have a 6 exanpions unlocked

ps not all huts will need the road if you require more space for the decoration

Attention:to reach the objecties,you're need an experienced skills in the manual battles(if you aren't,take the links at the end of guide to see how strategy you need to survive)
Don't purchase the extra pickaxes with diamonds and deben building production ..it doesn't needed if you know what is necessary build

At this moment you have:
x2 grain farm
x2 pottery
x12 simple huts
x2 nubian archery
-From 2nd day's settlement you can beat the hard battles

Next pass is to unlock the "Multi-Story Clay House": unlocked,sell some decorations and put 2/3 for time Multi-Story Clay House
After that you have:
x5 Multi-Story Clay House
x1 simple hut
x2 grain farm
x2 pottery
x2 nubian archery

Now it's time to unlock the Cultivated Palms
-You're need some times to unlock and the diplomacy required is perfectly gained in the free space
-Replace the previsious decorations with the Cultivated Palms to have diplomacy up to Flower Farm

This is the important part
-Unlocked the flower farm,selling ALL the decorations and 2 cultural good to build the 2 water garden as the task required,build x2 flower farm and wait to gain another 3 expansions with flowers:
After that,don't consider the next tasks until you have all the 3 cultural goods enough

With that,you have depending your loot stock and cultural goods required:
x6/8 Cultural goods
x6/8 Multi-Story Clay House
x2 nubian archery

ps If you have the time,do x3 4 hour production and x2 8 hour;if not x2 8 hour production and x1 4 hour production
-Residential block don't needed

You have all the barleys,potters and flowers required to researchs.
It's time to unlock the last cultural good:the sacrifice
-Do the tasks up to reach to have a place of prayer
-Sell all the cultural goods
-Build decorations to have 1230 diplomacy and build 5 place of prayer

After unlocked the procession......:
-build/sold the procesion(as the task required)
....and luxury estates and done the task that needed 20 sacrifice and 300 loots(this is my actually 5th city https://prnt.sc/s2so6k;it miss only to research the piramids):
-put the lastest 3 expansions with sacrifices
-build 3 luxury estates
-before sell the nubian archery,make sure you have 1200 loot to produce the goods required in the last taks (that require 30.000 deben and 30 each cultural goods)

You have unlocked the piramids and owned 3 luxury estates,you don't need the decorations so you can sell ALL
For the latest task it take 28 hours to complete the task + 4 hour for the piramids for a total of 32 hours
So,at the end in your city you have: https://prnt.sc/s2tx98
x2 piramids(don't needed 3 piramids)
x1 each cultural good
x3 luxury estates

Enjoy your successfull https://prnt.sc/ru0i2e (this is was the first settlement done)
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