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Spoiler Ads in FoE??????


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Following discussions in this thread, and speculation regarding Ads, we would like to address some concerns raised.

Within the near future, we will test the implementation of video ads. As such, we will implement a test that does not impede user experience. That means we want to have video ads that are not disruptive to the flow of gameplay or that are detrimental to the player. Rather, they will be implemented to provide players with additional options to win rewards and are supplemental to the core Forge experience.

We have only just begun to implement video ads into the game, and we will begin a comprehensive test only after implementation.

I hope that clarifies this further and addresses some concerns raised.

But you've done this before and then pulled it - what's changed since the theatre was a prop outside our cities for a while? (including on live)

Not that I terribly minded its existence - but clearly something about that caused a rethink on the feature.




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How would anyone feel about Castle Points for Ads?
As I said above... all for it :D but also depends on the amount - if it is something like 10CP/ad then most likely no - around 100CP/Ad might be starting to get worthwhile

But even at 100 per Ad, and assuming you get about 16 Ads/day - that still would mean about 8 years for lvl 20 castle

Over all, the problem will be that Inno only gets a cent or so per add shown - even when considering a 200€ diamonds package, that would only be an equivalent of about 1.7 diamonds...

To make it a success, Inno needs to deviate from their "equal" values approach (like them not giving mobile players the same amount of diamonds per Eur in comparison to browser players because the play stores get their share as well) and they really need to offer something worth more than 1 cent to the player
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I'd personally rather not have more garbage outside of my city that I'm never going to use, its already filled to the brim at this point especially in the later ages with all the ships/bases.


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I was wondering how these HUD icons would come into play - now I had an idea:
- maybe we will be able to load up on "special action charges" by watching ads - maybe in the tavern
- these charges may then be used in various places, like "aid all", "collect all", "heal a/all units", "accelerate scouting by X minutes/percent"

Doing it like that would allow integration of Ads without interfering with regular gameplay too much


Within the near future, we will test the implementation of video ads
I am sorry but it's a Hell to the Naw from me. I don't like them in Facebook, Youtube, or even a news site that I want to just read. I don't even like them in some of the apps I had used (and had quit them upon such). If Inno's so hard pressed in getting revenue, maybe they could fix the stuff that's broken so people will have a reason to spend again... maybe they could have the sack to come out and respond to the feedback thread that a lot of players are still waiting to hear from. Sounds novel?

**** that ****!


I think they are trying out the ad-system they want to add to FoE on Rise of Cultures at the moment.

I think at least it's gonna be similar.

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The mere fact that they cannot let us to enable/disable ads on our accounts speaks of their intent of just littering the game with them. I had been in places where a video ad (annoyance) is constantly playing on a site I was reading; that it takes up resources (memory being one of those close to CPU usage; especially on a good computer) and often causes crashes (had a few instances where the browser was shutting off mid-scroll).

Murphy's Law dictates that if something's not broken, why should it be fixed. However, Inno's a bit different: if something isn't broken, they will break it, no matter what.

If they want to put a button for a player to watch these so-called video ads for the so-called diamonds or premium stuff, put that button in the diamond purchase screen; they can make a section like they did for special promotions, subscriptions (yeah, don't really know how it really works since you're supposed to get some diamonds per day of the period, but does it renew on its own or do we have to buy again??), etc. Or better yet, put that button on FoE Plus (LOL, I am being serious here) so it can probably help us alleviate from paying that so-called high price (who came up with that anyways?) for wanting things that we had long suggested that would have been a benefit to every player.

Next up, ad-free perks available for a price.
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Wow! I must say that does anyone remember back in 2020 when there wasn't the caps on the daily specials that would increase only if you bought diamonds? I stopped buying last year because after 2 years of playing on the live I had bought diamonds quite a bit! But then I started keeping track of the daily special amount I would get without buying diamonds and for each event from Fall 2021 onwards on the live world...It'd be 8-10! And before I stopped I remember reading that if you enjoy Forge of Empires be glad that they are one of the few games that hasn't been loaded up with ads! Also to keep it ad free just support them! But It seems as if that's not even enough anymore! As it's always with more more more! with that tavern expansion and ads I was thinking that ads would give something like 1 token per 30 sec. ad! And then there'd be 3 tavern expansions each costing more and more tokens the first being like 3k tokens! The second and third following the double or nothing rule so for the 3rd it'd be 12k tokens! As for the Castle System it's either 2,600$ to buy level 20 from 0...Or with no purchase at all it'd take over 10 years to reach! But I'm jut let down! I really really enjoyed this game and it just seems that it's devolving into...well the rest of the games out there! Because gateway ads lead to the hardcore stuff and before you know it! A few years later it'll be 5 min worth of ads per 10 minutes of play! As why not go for all the monies they can! But lol Please hold while the opponent is getting ready for battle...But in the meantime why not watch this ad here about Bananas! OUUUUUUUU CHIQUITA BANANANANAS! Hah!


Those who do not want to wait could always look for Rise of Cultures and the other new games that INNO are testing and releasing, as this has already been introduced into some of them.
I can for see ADs free being available with Forge Plus accounts and Ads added to those accounts without it.