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Add more auctions on antiques dealer

Do you agree?

  • One auction is enough

    Votes: 6 42.9%
  • Add more auctions

    Votes: 8 57.1%

  • Total voters
This idea is to make antiques delaer more usefull.
With every event ended, game adds more buildings/kits to the auctions of antiques dealer. In this moment, there are too much buildings/kits, and most of them are rubish from a lot of players. This makes that players lose their interest in this building.
The idea is to add one or two spaces for auctions, letting players to be in 2 or 3 auctions in the same time. This will make easier to be in an interesting auction, and make more interesting antiques dealer.
The idea will increase the players interested in antiques dealer, and will make difficult to get easy auctions. In the other way, this will make that players find something intereseting for them easily.
Abuse Prevention
I dont see.
Maybe game needs to create a new window on antiques dealer, only for auctions. The number of new auctions could ve incremented until 5. Maybe the buyable options could be incremented to 9 or 10.
Have you looked to see if this has already been suggested?
With two auctions, one could be for special buildings, and the other for event buildings. This will increase the probabilities to find something interesting.
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I build my normal buildings from the build menu

why should I buy them in an auction ?
I think by normal he means buildings lit shrine of knowledge,art exhibision,senintial outpost,etc and event buildings like crows nest,winter train etc
"Special" buildings is the word you was needing. By "Event" Buildings people usually refer to the main event price buildings, which often are designed with levels and then require upgrade kits and selection kits to reach maximum efficiency level. Main Event price are sometimes a set (not just 1 building). But events also brings other secondary special buildings (example: Graveyards vs Scarecrow, Haunted House, Jack O Lantern). Old historical events also introduced special event buildings, all single level if I remember correctly. There are :
  1. Regular buildings: acquired from the Build menu with coins and supplies. (( No interest for auctions ))
  2. Premium buildings: acquired from the Build menu with diamonds (( Inno would not change a diamonds source into an auction sale )).
  3. Special / Event Buildings:Main and secondary buildings acquired from events, including the selection and upgrade kits if applicable. (( Real Auction Dealer material. ))
EDIT: There are other special buildings not originating from events, like those coming from GE (Terrace Farms, Gates, Faces, etc) or GBG (Statues of Honor, Road to Victory).
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